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Liverpool's Andy Ash has been releasing finely crafted, authentic house music for a number of labels over the past few years, including appearances on StilLove4Music, Kolour and Quintessentials. Here he joins Steve Bug's Dessous imprint and drops some of his best work yet - four slices of deep and raw house grooves. 'Workin' shares a little headspace with that other Liverpudlian pioneer, John Heckle - emotionally uplifting electronic music that keeps things rough round the edges. 'Mindflow' references the classic sound of Chicago in the early 90s, a disco/funk vocal sample interplays with tightly woven percussion and an ever present bump - Mr. Ash clearly knows a thing or two about moving dance floors. 'Release and Check' makes up the remainder of the EP - a deep, rolling jam with live sounding keys, and a highly effective acidic bassline which send the whole to several both groovy and euphoric moments.
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SoulPhiction Live Jamz 1 Philpot

Maxi Single & EP PHP068 Out: 17-01-2014 Track: Mind and Body
To be honest, I play pretty much everything that Soulphiction makes; it's all ace! This is a newer release and features an absolutely killer vocal taken from a Chic record. The combination of that vocal and the filthy drums and synth combo is guaranteed to tear any dance-floor apart.

Giorgio Luceri Prophetic Vibes EP Fly By Night Music

Maxi Single & EP FBNM005 Out: 18-11-2013
Track: Woman (Kai KZR Alce remix) Not only is Giorgio Luceri an incredible DJ, but he also produces the best straight up house money can buy... and he only had his first release about two years ago! For this one though I have picked the Kai KZR Alce remix as
he pulls the bare bones from the original and adds some heavyweight drums. This all adds up to it being the perfect track to play when you want to keep the energy up but take things a little deeper.

Andy Ash Workin EP Dessous Recordings

Maxi Single & EP DES118 Out: 03-02-2014
Track: Workin'
This is a new one from me... Producing is such a big part of DJing for me, I get inspiration from hearing house music on a big sound-system and seeing people dancing to it - it's how it should be. So, to not play my own tracks would be weird for me as the whole point of me making them is for the dance floor!

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