3 Things Larsson Plays

3 Things Larsson Plays
Soulful struts and funky stuff on the number 028 of Rotary Cocktail Recordings which is the latest by our friend Larsson. There you will find 2 quality handmade organic songs combined with the voice of Larsson himself. Plus there is an amazing 12 minutes hypnotic minilogue remix of “Find your Soul”.
Larsson was so kind to let us know about three things he currently got for the floor:
Impermanence InFine by Agoria:
For me this Album is the most komplete one I´ve listened in the last weeks. It has so much musical energy and deepness, on one side so far away from the 4/4 with the beautiful voice of Kid A and then there are tracks who reflectes a brilliant dancfloore attitude. It´s all around warmness on this album. The selection of sounds and the mixdown is so amazing!
Whou by Nicolas Jaar:
I choose the Whou Track by Nicolas Jaar because I play it sometimes in the morning or before i´ll go to sleep. It´s so good to come down and leave all the straight dancemusic behind me .I´m really happy about this special music finding so many ears these days. It´s really good for the whole scene and something new can grow!
El Paraiso De Las Tortugas by Ernesto Ferreyra:
This albums shows my percussive side ! I love the percussion settings, the roling baselines and warm chords. The Fine details in the drumming arrangement are strong in quite every track! For me it´s an album you can keep on listening and it´s not becoming boring. Perfect for dancing and home listening.

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