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Maxi Single & EP PFR147 Out: 07-04-2014 Following up on the high quality remix effort for Vince Watson's 'Planet Funk' released via Poker Flat in February it's now the time for Berlin's Marco Resmann to serve his first ever solo  release on Poker Flat. He is also so kind to let us know about 3 things he currently plays:   01. Oni Ayhun - OAR003 - B
Oni Ayhun is Olof Dreijer's pseudonym who's also a part of The Knife. He released 4 EPs under this moniker and I actually like all of them. It's a great series of Electronica and Techno. My favourite EP is the OAR003, especially the B site. I love this kind of melodic Techno which fits perfectly into a morning or day time set at Panorama Bar.   02. Vincenzo & Language - Merry Go Round (Axel Boman Remix)
I recently used this remix from Axel Boman for my Electronic Beats Radio mix. It's simply well done and I love how Axel stayed close to the original and put everything together in a more dancefloor-orientated way. Respect!   03. Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Fluegel - Hachinoko
Two of my favourite producers (or shall I say 3) collaborated for this little masterpiece. I fell absolutely in love after hearing this for the first time. All these synthesizer sounds and melodies that build up here and which melt finally together are just gorgeous. Thanks!

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