Abyss – Birdsong

Abyss – Birdsong
Ben Watt's superlabel slaps out one brillant release by another: After Tevo Howard, Snoretex and Alain Ho is the turn of Abyss now. A deep hypnotic track which let a melancholic, really satisfying piano melody arise. While the bass continiously turns the crank the upbeat of the groove turns you automatically on. (No ridiculous) feminine and masculine moaning grace the piano melody here. It reveals a lot of allurement where you slightly get lost in. Snoretex gives his remix and takes you into other spheres here. Much more rougher harder synth sounds fill the track in the beginning, the upbeat persists, while a warm shy synthwave creeps to the fore. A capturing interplay between the hard rhythmic synth that is permanently on the fore and this shy highpitched synthwave. Love the rhythm, its a bit bold and arcane, that's attracting. The other remix is more warm and romantic. The romance comes from Flowers and Sea Creatures who let the bass and groove disappear nearly completely, concentrating on  warm soundsscapes. Restrained hihats set the pace. The hushed piano melody outgrow of the soundscapes, actually  it seems like from every sound arises gentle synths or this piano melodies, playing the mainrole for a short time until it gets displaced by another enchanting sound. Absolutley great EP.

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