One of the promising Techno labels joins with their whole backcatlogue the Whatpeopleplay repertoir! After a long time exclusivity on Beatport, they decided to take it to the next level by making ARTS-releases available on other chosen stores. Founded in 2013, the history of the label is shaped by disciplined A&R-ing and by passion for uncompromising clubtracks. No wonder that releases by this labels always finds a special place in almost every proper techno collection and being played on mayor events all over the place. Another reason is probably the versatile attitude when it comes to the context of sound. From Echoplex' Detroit-touched EP to I Hate Models' UK-inspired "Warehouse Memories" and the many experts in remixing such as Slam, Robert Hood and Emmanuel. In it's early days, ARTS was already gathering some of the biggest talents of todays scene. Dax J, Cleric, Roman Poncet and many more did their debit. The approach, always pushing new talents is one of the many qualities of Emmanuel as a labelhead. It is exciting to see how artwork and sound are matching perfectly, it's like a glimpse of what to expect when you put the record on. 2016 was a huge year, besides good sales in records, ARTS had loads of showcases in some of europes finest dancefloors. Not to forget the unreal session at Berghain/Panorama Bar in August 2016... And still there is no ending in sight. More like the beginning of a journey to the Olymp. There's no doubt about it! Written by Jean (WPP Staff) You can check out more Arts stuff HERE from  

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