Cage and Aviarys album Migration on Internasjonal

Cage and Aviarys album Migration on Internasjonal
Cage & Aviary have been around for quite some time putting out high-quality records every now and then. It always seemed that the two Englishmen were not too ambitious about releasing though, and the world had to wait a while for their first long play called Migration that finally saw it’s release on Prins Thomas’ very interesting label Internasjonal some days ago. Was it worth it? Let’s see. Obviously knowing one or two things about contemporary music and having three or four records at home (i’m sure of that) Nigel of Bermondsey and Jamie Paton as Cage & Aviary put together elements from more than one era of enlightened music. For Migration they heaped up a huge pile of heterogeneous ideas, reminiscences and references, some of them being captivatingly lucid, some of them odd, some of them of unexpected deepness, some of pure entertainment. And then, obviously being aware of the fact that an album should be more than just a big mash-up of stuff carried together by eclectics, Cage & Aviary had a look on the big picture and took care of the flow. Not dissimilar to good dj-sets the journey starts smooth with evidently cinematic-influenced instrumental Giorgio Carpenter (Directro’s Cut) (which also appeared on Prins Thomas’ Live At Robert Johnson-Mix) and relaxed Friday The 14th, before rhythms accelerate and voices emerge (Television Train!). Then the fabulous Infatuation brings pop into town and marks the first peak. It’s a slick disco-soul-hybrid you’ll at first listen file under ‘cover version’ cause the vocal melody is so catchy and irresistible that it simply must have been done before. But it is not, it’s original, no déjà vu, the matrix is still working. At least from now on the record is a winner, the following tracks groove in an extraordinarily way, they are tight und far from being overloaded, there’s funkyness, disco and disco-not-disco, sometimes a touch of kosmische musik and psychedelica. With the outstanding Beat N Other Path (released years before on Tiny Sticks as Beat N Path in a longer but less focused version) it all comes together, culminating in shifting beats, a big bassline and vibrant energy, a soundtrack for clubbing in Paris as well as for driving through Berlin at night or Buenos Aires in brightest sunlight. Even watching the rain fall in Oslo might get exciting, I guess. After that the late-eighties-acidhouse-claps of Lean On Me (featuring Denise Johnson, former member of postpunk heroes A Certain Ratio and vocalist for some of Primal Screams brighter moments) and the lushness of last track Migration keep the tension till the end. It took Cage & Aviary some years to finish Migration and the result shows that they must have as much been thinking about structures as playing around in the studio. If you wanna come up with a good full length you have to know about things like dramaturgy, development and reduction, maybe even self discipline. Some artists fail, Cage & Aviary suceeded with effortless seeming nonchalance and in the end, Migration turns out to be the perfect companion for an hour of indulgence. So do yourself a favour and click the button that says "buy all". Well done, boys. (Written by Henrik Stadie)

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