Chocky – Secret Voyagers (Secret Reels)

Chocky – Secret Voyagers (Secret Reels)
Groove and deepness between dub and jazz influences is what Chocky worked out once more on his “Secret Voyagers” EP that recently came out on Secret Reels. With appearances on labels like Disconnected, Big Bait Records, Flumo LTD or Audio Parallax Records before the producer from London already set some well-received signposts on his musical directions through modern house and goes on with more warm and dopey dance convenient electronics. Crispy rhythm shuffles and sub bass driven arrangements from noodling to bouncing with deep chords fleeing through soft delays build the lane for Choky to carry his atmospheric, sometimes mystical moods in here and make this become a classy modern deep house EP for various sound exposure purposes. And as additional ear candy an airy summer jam remix by young Danish producer Paxton Fettel is also featured… Big Ups! Written by Jan (WPP Staff) You can BUY Chocky – Secret Voyagers (Secret Reels) HERE

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