Cristian Vogel album coming up!

CRISTIAN VOGEL (tresor/nu future...) returns with his 14th studio album THE INERTIALS in June on Berlins Shitkatapult Label. Simultanously Shitkatapult releases a 12” vinyl featuring two club tracks (ENTER THE TUB, LUCKY CONNOR) from the album plus 2 unreleased bonus tracks (DECONSTRUCTIONS, VOIDSTER) to feed and please and beware the club tradition of this outstanding producer. As usual Vogel delivers high end sound and productions of great efficiency, dark poems from the high end. Besides the usual actual and hyped stuff these tracks re-new Cristian Vogel´s art of noize and beat. Cold beauty of clear music. Even Cristian Vogel seems to have listened to some dubstep lately, but he sure doesn‘t just copy the sound but rather transcends the influence into his very own kind of music. Which is techno, but on the experimental side, with heavy shades of ambient, bass and electronica. Like music listened to by rusty robots in abandoned biospheres on planets so far away they don‘t have names. Dark and beautiful. Big album, no less. (Superdefekt)

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