Deep Love 10 studio talk with Edit Murphy, Death On The Balcony and Kito Jempere

Deep Love 10 studio talk with Edit Murphy, Death On The Balcony and Kito Jempere
“After 10 years of running Dirt Crew Recordings we wanted to do something very special for our birthday and invite a lot of new artists to produce a track for this special “Deep Love 10” compilation.  Below are three of these exciting new faces and their story about producing their track.” (Dirt Crew) Edit Murphy - You Got the Look "You Got The Look" is almost entirely made from samples. The main loop is sampled from a very well known soul record which I then pitched down. I do this a lot. With rhodes piano and organ sounds mostly. It brings out aspects of the sound that give it a brooding feeling which isn't achievable by just playing a lower note. The other notable sample is the hi hats taken from a Loleatta Holloway song. Whilst the main sample and some of the percussion were sampled from vinyl, the top line was actually sampled from YouTube. I found a video of a preacher and picked parts of the audio. It's not an unique idea but the only other record I've heard use a YouTube sample was by The Black Madonna. I love the lo fi aspect of it. It doesn't work in most situations but in this case it worked the way I wanted it to I wanted the structure of the track to flow organically. Dropping out parts of the track and bringing in more layers as it went on. There is no big payoff or drop, the whole thing just grooves. The whole thing is run through a Manley passive EQ and the Kramer Master Tape plugin. (Written by Edit Murphy) Death on the Balcony - Fading Fast ‘Fading Fast’ centres around a Rhodes synth chord loop we created. Most of our tracks are built from 30 second (or so) loops that reach the peak of the track and then we will structure them after being happy with the loop. Generally you realize you are happy with a loop when you can hear it for 30 minutes or more and it doesn’t drive you mad! 😉 Compared to a lot of tracks we make this is probably one of the more straight up, stripped back House grooves and, as with all of our tracks, we wanted to make something for the dance floor which focuses on the groove elements, beats and bass without becoming too complicated. The bass is from the Moog little Fatty, which is one of our go to bass sounds. They just sound huge and command such a huge frequency range which translates so well in the club. When creating and producing our idea’s we tend to work quite fast. You can very quickly tell if something is working or not. Especially with two heads on the track one person may hear something that the other doesn’t and provided there is a respect of opinion & no power struggle is why a partnership can work really well! In terms of the speed of the process, the same cannot be said for the Mixing and final touches. We tend to spend a long time on final tweaks, adding effects and getting levels in the mix just right, as this is where the track comes to life! One of the best tips we ever learnt is when mixing if you solo the kick and the bass together and get those working together then bring each other element in one by one and adjust levels you can get a really nice level that way and everything sitting in the mix as it should. Finally once we are happy we export the track and we will listen again a few more times ideally very loud and on various separate systems for reference. When we came to sending this track out to labels we instinctively felt that we had a few tracks that said Dirt Crew to us and we had wanted to send them some music for a while so we are very happy that this track made it on to the 10 years of Dirt Crew ‘Deep Love’ Compilation. (Written by Death On The Balcony) Kito Jempere - It’s a Trap Admiral The “It’s a Trap Admiral” tune for Dirt Crew Recordings was actually for a really long period under the title «Thriller» on my computer. I can’t remember for now when i started playing with it, but seems it was late 2013 or somthing. I sampled the string part from Alan Hawkshaw’s track «Millionairess», then played there with a pitch a bit so i finally got this string sample progression. I left it for some period but then once i was listening to Jane’s Addiction «Irresistible Force» tune, so i have decided to have some percussions from their main drums line, i edited, pitched  and worked on this sound so finally i got this percussion sound u hear in the beginning of the track. Extra percussion were jammed on MPC, particular sounds were taken from eternal classics «Black Magic Woman» actually, so then i played with them. On top of it i played main melody, the sound was programmed on the ‘analog’ instrument in Ableton 8, then when i was in Moscow i have recorded some parts of these melodies with SH-101 (thanks Leonid Lipelis for help there). The bass drum & clap is from the original MPC1000 sound bank, i think MPC was going thru RE-201 all really to the left. The main bass line was made pretty long time ago also on analog, but then i have decided to ask my friend Dima Midborn of the band On-The-Go to record the full bass line live. He worked it perfectly really, i do really love Dima for his playing in On-The-Go and he also played live bass for the ending of my track «Gas Station» which was released on my debut album. Then when all was set together i added one breakdown part and sent that to Los Angeles where my sound guy was at that period. Roman Urazov (the sound guy) is really a genius, i always work with him for all my productions. He uses my rough mix as reference and just makes all main parts stands  together perfectly, he works with such masters as Rick Rubin so u can easily hear that the mix is not a «modern house production» or something, it took a long time until it was ready and passed thru many hands and ears. Finally we got what we got and i’m really happy with this way of production: involving friends to produce and play for you, use samples that can stand on their own the best, compose and produce melodies — melodies are still the main thing for me.  The track title «It’s A Trap Admiral» of cuz refers to Star Wars and this title was given to this track by my friend Timofey, he named it immediately, he said: «Ah, ok… chariots they’re going, Admiral Akbar saying — «It’s A Trap». (Written by Kito Jempere)

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