Efdemin – Ten Of 10

Efdemin – Ten Of 10
After the release of his second album "Chicago" on DIAL Records, the Berlin-based Producer and DJ Efdemin had a huge schedule for 2010. Phillip Sollmann has been touring around a lot this year, playing gigs all over the world and promoting his vision of contemporary Techno and House music. We're glad he found some tim to round up the top dance music titles for this year. Audision "Red Sky" (Robag Wruhme Remix) When I started thinking about putting together a Top Ten for 2010 it was instantly clear that this track would become my number one. It is the only track I am totally sure to have played it in every set since spring 2010. Robag Wruhmes Version of Audisions Track is a mindblowing super-sonic Techno-experience you won´t find too easily elsewhere. Not many tracks sound so delicious and on the point without being too polished or one-dimensional, in fact - even after countless times of playing it, I still can´t find anything too obvious - anything too simple in here. If anything I find more beauty every time I listen to it. Mr. Wruhme from Jena did another very good remix for Lunacity Express which is more on the direct and uplifting side of House, but definitely worth being checked and also being played by me a lot this year. Sevensol & Bender "Scuba" [Fauxpas Musik] From Jena to Leipzig. This Ep from Sevensol+Bender (who are part of the unique Techno-scene in Leipzig) is a rare phenomenon these days as it contains three outstanding tracks on one disc. The original reminds me of a dreamy Lawrence track back in the days. Melodic, gentle and slowly evolving deep Techno with harmonic superimpositions of a rare kind. Second there is a great remix by the strenuous Berlin-based producer Oskar Offermann who delivers a stripped down, dirty House tool with oldschool-references we had many this year. Third comes a very nice remix from Aera. His "Diving Dub" is a highly clever track: It takes the original melodic part, blends it in and hides out again and again over a highly contemporary but classic groove. I played all of them many times and I will continue doing it... Don Disco "Swing Ibero" [Immer] In 2010 one could recognize some positive developments in club-music: After a too long lasting wave of highly-boring cocaine-driven, superficial productions that were strangely labelled as Deep House, it seemed that people slowly got tired of 2-bar loops and cut-up vocals and opened their ears to music and yearned for musical heterogeneity again. I can´t describe how much I did appreciate Michael Mayer’s decision to re-release the amazing "Swing Ibero" by Don Disco (aka LoSoul) who is one of my all time favourite producers and DJ´s and this is one of his best compositions ever. A Made Up Sound "Rear Window" [Delsin] This year also one of my deepest wishes came true: Many Dubstep producers developed a straighter approach and moved closer to the area of Techno or House. Bringing the raw sounds and unorthodox production techniques to house can only be highly appreciated. „A Made Up Sound” is an outstanding producer I have followed since his first releases and it´s amazing how he still constantly increases the quality of his versatile productions. Rear Window is mindblowing in texture, sonic richness and strategies of seduction. Another great release on one of my favourite labels: DELSIN Walt J "Reborn 1" (DJ Qu's Journey Towards Birth Remix) [Curle] Tom Verhoeven who runs Curle showed much taste and shared some of his deep musical knowledge with this extraterrestrial release. Here we find two classic Walt J tunes re-released to kill the dancefloors with. But not enough, it contains another remix by DJ Qu who takes it onto another level. Skudge "Convolution" (on Sven Väth "The Sound Of The Eleventh Season") This one made some noise when it hit stores earlier this year and marked the beginning of a series of cool records. Skudge found a way to walk the thin line between Techno and House with their stripped down minimalism in the tradition of Robert Hood mixed with dubby mixing and subtle swing. Solid tool. Check out the remix they did for Fear Of Flying. Fabrice Lig "Fusion" [Fine Art Recordings] Another example of Fabrice Lig´s outstanding qualities as a producer is the Album “Genesis Of A Deep Sound” which features this amazing melodic Detroit-Techno track. Music I want to rave to. Music I wanna play. Jichael Mackson "Plex Ep" [Ilian Tape] Jichael Mackson from Munich is one of the guys I have been following with pleasure since the beginning. With every release he shows more of his outstanding talent to compose his dub-influenced unique Techno music which has always a great psychotic side and lives through unconventional textures and sounds. True musical genius. Unorthodox, maladjusted, libertine. Both sides are outstanding. Once again. John Roberts "Glass Eights" [Dial] Our smartest man in house. Everybody from the Dial-Camp is totally happy to have John Roberts on our love-boat. With this album "Glass Eights" he showed a new way of using the piano in house music and he blew my mind with his noisy samples. My favourite track here is "Blame". Today I was just realizing what a good year this was for Dial with three albums AND the first Roman Fluegel Ep just out. Get ready for some serious stuff again next year... SoulPhiction "Some Things Remain" [Philpot] Simply great. Can not decide which side is better. True deepness in a Detroit flavour. Essential. Also absolutely awesome was the track „Life Aquatic“ from Smallpeople&Rau. Check it.

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