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After producing a lot of groundbreaking House music, Soul Clap finally set up their own label 'Soul Clap Records'. Get to know something about their idea and intention behind it and some artitsts that Soul Clap intergreated into their lovely label family. In addition to that the labels first release holder Night Plane and his follower Nick Monaco tell about their liaison with the genius Soul Clap duo. About the label: In the beginning, before we began our funky future, the legacies of DJs past and present spoke to these two Boston brothers from other mothers with a resounding SOUL CLAP! Riding this vibration, we set forth, records in hand, into the world of rave. We danced, we made music and finally after years of preparation in the DJ booth we’ve gained the peace, love, knowledge and understanding to write our own musical future. From this day onward Soul Clap Records is born: a place of mystery, art and experimentation. A home for our music and our many aliases and collaborations. A world of artistic development where we proudly present to you the talent of Night Plane. At the helm of this endeavor is long time friend Meg Whitney, and of course Eli Goldstein and Charlie Levine of Soul Clap. About the release: Zzzzzooooom! The mothership has landed, after years of talky talky, Mother Earth has just received another sibling in the Wolf + Lamb label family and it’s name is Soul Clap Records. A place of mystery, art and experimentation this new imprint tells the story of our life on the road, capturing our musical adventures and providing a platform for the fantastic talent we've encountered along the way. In an explosion of genre-bending crossover creativity, Texas-born, Brooklyn- based William Rauscher aka Night Plane claims our very first release. Since we first met William in 2010 we've watched his production talent flourish into what we proudly present to you today in 2012, the dance-floor approved Heartbeat EP. Showcasing William's guitar-driven dreamy indie-house style with vocal contribution from longtime hometown friend Casey Gibbs, this EP covers a wide range of Night Plane's repertoire. On Heartbeat William delivers gritty punk-rock break-beat house, while Casey shoots for the moon channelling his inner Mick Jagger. The result is a call-andresponse seduction that will makes you feel extra tough in your leather. Gold Soundz pairs William up with his CCC label partner DJ Harry Bennett, for a soaring and epic cover of the 90's alternative rock band Pavement. Smiles at sunrise for this late summer anthem that reminds us of teenage angst and long lost high-school crushes. Vocal stylings are courtesy of Heather D' Angelo from the band Au Revoir Simone. We love the dialled back tempo of Foreign Affairs, which set William and Casey drifting along again, this time in slow motion. A guest remix from our dear friends Wolf + Lamb on Gates Of Dawn (Wolf + Lamb Remix) features Heather D' Angelo once again, rounding out this EP with big drums and a Brooklyn attitude.

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