Gold Panda – Marriage

Gold Panda – Marriage
Marriage is an emotional masterpiece crossed with simple melodies with an Asian touch from the talented British Gold Panda. The rhythmic bassline in the background and the warm and calm synthpads form a feast for your ears. Hide and forget all that creepy, affecting things just for this song. Forest Swords reinterpretated Marriages by using analog instruments like guitars and drums. Its a calm, hypnotic version in which the introducing sound is unbanned by the calm - but exstatic choir. They abjure the burdensome dispondence and the hopefully guitar part sets in. It wins. Baths own voice appears slowly in his version, accompanied with warm synthsounds and a staccato bass. They fall silent and create room for the hushed piano melody. It deserves this attention. It's just beautiful. Star Slinger lets the wedding bells ring, creating a festival of sounds with euphorical synths.
The new spring soundtrack, perfect to listen to while the windows are opened and the first warm shafts of sunlight stream in.

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