Great Video to Redshape’s fresh 3024!

the29novunlimited did another great video, here to Redshape's "The Land"  on Martyn's 3024 imprint! As obvious as Techno and House’s heavy influence is on 3024, one of the most consistent reference points has been the machine soul emanating from the city of Detroit for the last 30 odd years. We’ll spare you yet another Euro-centric pseudo-Sociology lecture but the combination of geography, economics and community has produced music with an influence has consistently reached far beyond Michigan state. For our 17th release 3024 is honoured to continue our trek into the analogue wilderness with another artist heavily inspired by the city, Berlin’s near legendary Redshape. An incredibly well respected artist renowned for his electrifying live sets we’re incredibly proud to present a concise 2 track release, the latest addition to a notably selective discography. A-Side ‘Throw In Dirt’ opens with vintage drum machines locked into a stooped groove as hi-hats spark off the top while a heavily filtered and pitched vocal loop offers dead eyed encouragement. An improbably girthsome analogue bass line curdles almost to the point of sinister before an unambiguously menacing fog of whining synths starts to descend while kick, snare & hats spark and simmer off one another. At the tracks peak another unsettlingly simple melody is played out on keys, before the whole ensemble rumbles over the horizon. After such an oppressive opener, ‘The Land’ is a noticeable change of pace. A horizon spanning kick underpins gospel’ish vocal snatches as the familiar hissing of synthesized cymbals shifts and builds on top of bass that’s more shudder than line. As these elements coil tighter around one another chiming pads build gradually, until the cymbal rush is momentarily halted, before redoubling it’s efforts as the synths become increasingly turbulent. A sudden shift into brighter chords and the arrival of some understated 808 textures push the track further into machine gospel territory and towards a resolution. We’re particularly proud of 3024-017′s sleeve design as Erosie continues to develop and refine his signature style showcasing a striking and thematically consistent palette switch up.

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