Headcore – Headcore EP (Versatile Records)

Headcore – Headcore EP (Versatile Records)
A true gem from the late 90’s got digitally reissued these days. Its Headcore aka Point G. aka DJ Gregory with his self-titled “Headcore EP” from 1998 on Versatile Records. DJ Gregory himself probably needs no further introduction. Under his several monikers he released a bunch of EPs from labels like Basenotic Records, Yellow Productions, Deeply Rooted House over Faya Combo and Defected Records to his own Point G imprint and covered diverse styles of housemusic on his way. Now his “Headcore EP” brings back some sought after dj tool jam pleasures that can be sorted somewhere between deep house and oldschool techno. All tunes are based on solid crispy pumpin’ rhtyhms with a pinch of hip hop beat aesthetics and plain organic drum knocks combined with nice dopey friction through deep sweeping synthie pads and trippy sound fragments that vanishes into blurry delay and reverberation rooms. Heavy stuff! Written by Jan (WPP Staff) You can BUY Headcore – Headcore EP (Versatile Records) HERE

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