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Herva gives us a glimpse what's behind some of his tracks of his fresh new album Meanwhile In Madland on Bosconi Extra Virgin Soulcrash ... the wind, the fresh air of the sea .. every time I hear it I always feel the same way. If I were to describe it, if I had to associate it with a place in Meanwhile in Madland, Soulcrash would surely be the beach the first day of summer when there is still a lot of people and the sea water is cold .. and at that point the only sound that you can enjoy is the waves crashing and the freshness of the breeze. My Mono Relax reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. When I finished this track I was in her room, satisfied with what I believed was the best so far among all the tracks that I produced. Then my enthusiasm was brutally crushed by her "Mhmm.. they all look the same to me".  Probably she didn't realized I had made it for her!  Apart from that throughout the album, without doing an injustice to the other tracks, this one is my favorite. Every time I need a bit of relaxation and tranquility, I just put it on my headphones and I start the hypnotic rhythm .. that's really My Mono Relax! In The Right Way .. ahhh what energy I had at that time! A track like this, fun and full of life, could only come out of myself around with friends in summer, women, parties .. I was on the right way!  Every time I listen to this it gives me a charge of indescribable joy. This is definitely one of the tracks on the album that I feel very close to. Here is some general info to Herva and his album: HERVA is the artist moniker of Herve Atsè Corti. At just 19 years old, the artist by night, mechanical engineering student by day with Italian and African roots who hails from the picturesque Tuscan countryside just outside the city of Florence has been crafting some of the most pure, retro-tinged, forward-thinking electronica we've had the pleasure of hearing in years! Herva knows no boundaries when it comes to creativity and expression, and therefore his music remains genre-less by nature, intuitive and exciting, a melting pot of elements of Soul, House, Disco, Techno, Bass music and UK Garage. Herva's love of music began with a happy childhood surrounded by creativity - Herva himself trained as a drummer, his father an avid tinkerer of vintage synthesizers, and his mother, a dancer. At the astonishingly young age of 8, he installed Fruity Loops on his PC thinking it was a video game, and the rest, as they say, is history! After years of experimenting with the program at his own pace, his passion for electronic music and production naturally grew along with his studio chops. With a handful of releases as one half of the mysterious analog duo Life's Track, and his first solo 'Skin' EP - all released on Bosconi Records - Herva has enamored critics and music lovers with his cerebral, illustrious and raw take on electronic music, and he's now prepared to release his fantastic debut solo album -Meanwhile in Madland- in April 2012 on Bosconi's Extra Virgin sublabel. On Meanwhile In Madland, Herva's experiments with a relatively restricted yet distinct palette of sound is no less than a masterpiece of rhythmic seduction and melodic arrangement; an ode to the incredible art of sampling, and a cultured, openminded approach to making music that will appeal to the mind and soul as well as the club. Like a deep breath of fresh air, Herva's Madland drifts through a spacey, synthdrenched world. He enthusiastically digs through different genres, providing a refined and enchanting kaleidoscope of sound, thanks to his dexterous adaptation of a wide range of complex but deep and soulful musical stylings. Soul, down-tempo, and hiphop are the most frequent inspirational sources in the album. Indeed this can be heard in the lazy beats and vocal samples of the opening title track, as much as the abstract visionary hip-hop of "Broken", not to mention the R&B stylings of "Breathe!", with its sensual male and female vocal interaction, and "BFFMMM", a downbeat Rhythm & Sound styled piece. The impressive depth of Herva's songwriting and his ability to touch upon the subconscious might not have been reached without first cutting his teeth on early British ambient music and electronica. "Memories" pays love and respect to the Cornwallian soundscapes of the IDM classics, as much as "Soul Crash" a spiritualized electro-funk tune with angelic vocals and charming keys that evokes fond memories of Selected Ambient Works era Aphex Twin. On "Useful Distortion", Herva assembles a broken cut-up groove, filtered vocals, warm Detroit stabs and delicate metallic snares resonating from far away. The delightful disco number "In The Right Way" is as perfect as a day at the beach in some Mediterranean paradise after a long night out. Listening through Meanwhile In Madland feels a bit like waking up slowly from a deep sleep, rejuvenated, and seeing the world differently with a kind of clear eyed wonder. "Bosconi Records stands as a shining example of creativity and craftsmanship in the Italian music scene. With a back catalogue rich in hand-crafted house music, unique downtempo beats and all the moods in between, the label has worked tirelessly to bring pride back to the musical output of Italy. – Oliver Warwick [I-DJ, Ibiza Paper]"

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