Inside Nsyde – a special label run by Richard Zepezauer

Berlin based label Nsyde just came out with its 6th release and proves it's considency in quality. Richard Zepezauer, the man behind this pretty imprint was so kind to have a little chat with us and here it goes: Hi Richard! Your label NSYDE develops more and more and stands for a very specific, but open minded sound. Could you give us some background info: What does Nsyde mean, what does it stand for? Nsyde simply means "inside".  its obvious that one should better look to the inside of things and not to the outer appereances. with music its the same. style doesnt matter. What does matter is if its good or not and strong enough to stay. How did it start? Ok, at the beginning there was jack and jack had a groove... And before that, what did you do? After my archeology studies on the university and being on acheological excavations a lot, I was Djing and organizing an underground party series with friends. At the same time  I have been working for the label ˜scape founded by Stefan Betke aka Pole and Barbara Preisinger. So always digging.  ˜scape - a beautiful and very special label, too btw. Which is the most extraordinary release of the Nsyde cat. for you? I really can't point out any of the releases being a favorite of mine. each one of the releases stand for its own and have been chosen for that reason. A wise answer. Having the chance talking to a wise man, an important question of life would be: Where should we go? I hope the journey will take us to the promised land of everlasting music or well mixed drinks. Surely should be a combination of both. Let's go. Cheers! Appriciating a good drink. What does a track got to have to be released on Nsyde!? A good track needs to have a good idea which can stand for its own. Finally it's all about that. Like in a good speach or written essay a track should have a thought & idea / structure or special sound which stays in your mind, maybe a lifetime. Everlasting music...and well mixed drinks! Talking about "mixing well", any DJ or producer you are especially digging at the moment? I' m really enjoying Dynamo Dreesen from Acido Records at the moment, but there are plenty of very interesting producers currently like DJ Sprinkles, Basic Soul Unit, Baaz, Mobach, Rio Padice, Huerco S, Spider, Frak... What was your highlight so far in 2013? Last weekend I have been at berghain garden where sweatheart Lady Blacktronika was singing alongside the always amazing Tama Sumo - true vibes have been going on! Definitely a highlight so far this year! Seeing the incredibly inspiring Palais Schaumburg perfom live again a month earlier wasn't bad either...they were  mindblowingly good! Jeri Jeri did a live jam I will remember a for long time too! So you always take something with you (if possible) when you go out. Very good if things are worth it.  Keeping anything in your pockets? I used to have peaches and eggs in my pants pocket, but somehow that didn't went well most of the time... Thank You, Mr.Zepezauer. We hope that all good you will experience will last long.

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