INSTRA:MENTAL – Resolution 653

INSTRA:MENTAL – Resolution 653
Eagerly anticipated, Instra:Mental finally drop their long awaited album on Nonplus Records - and it is as good, if not even better, as everyone hoped for. Like „When I Dip“ already showed the duo has ditched their downsteppy halftime drum‘n‘bass approach for a full on technoid electro step experience. Squeezing the last drop out of their analogue equipment Resolution 653 is one hell of a ride where pumping oldskool electro rhythms meet newskool programming techniques with a production that is as crystal clear as the lead sounds are downright dirty. Just listen to the avant garde acid squelch of Aggro Acid, the futuristic techno patterns of 8 or the Aux 88 homage of Delta Zone (Advance) and one thing becomes evident: This is serious business - and already one of the contenders for best album of the year. (Superdefekt)

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