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Your group exists since 2009: what have been your respective careers before ? We know each other from way back. We used to play together in an all girl Ska band called Favelachic. After Favelachic disbanded in 2005, Ina started at The National Film School of Denmark and has made documentary films. Josephine put out an album with singer Ane Trolle under the name of JaConfetti. Josephine has also had a dj duo and performed as MC with miscellaneous Danish and foreign DJ’s. Josephine has written and performed with several acts, the latest being a track from Trentemøller last album. Since when do you know each other? We have known each other for about 10 years. We met in our first band Favelachic, where Josephine was the singer and Ina played the bass. Josephine, you have already worked with Filur but it was very different to Darkness Falls, wasn’t it? I have done many different genres of music before Darkness Falls. The other stuff that I have done has been more club music and working mostly with only the vocals and melodies. This time we did all the song writing together and started from scratch  with hardly any experince in producing. It came very natural for me because I was at a point where I felt the need of trying something new and maybe go into a darker side of myself. Why did you choose the name Darkness Falls? In older plays the term "Darkness Falls" was often used to indicate in the manuscript that one scene ends and a new begins. In that Darkness you contemplate what you have just experienced and now it is up to you to do the rest of the work. We feel the name Darkness Falls is very poetic and it suits our music beautifully. Some of your voices / choirs, like in 100 Meter Mind Dash, recalls the work of Danny Elfman on Edward Scissorhands: it is one of your influences ? We have both seen Edward Scissorhands many times as teenagers, and we love the movie, and also the work of Danny Elfman. But the reason why we have so many “ghost choirs” is simply because Josephine loves making them, and sometimes when we are working on a song we don’t feel it’s completed before we ad a little choir. What was the role of Anders Trentemøller in the production of the album? We have a very similar taste in music and sound scapes which has made the work process very easy. Usually we would finish and record a song so it was basically done. Then we would meet up with him in the studio and he would come with inputs and ideas. On some of the songs we kept them pretty much as they were, and some of the songs we changed a lot and he produced it in an other direction than how the track was originally. We both think he is by far one of the best producers of our time, so it’s been a great honor to work with him. How did you meet Trentemøller? We have both know Trentemøller for a long time. We have been a part of the same music scene in Copenhagen and have a lot of mutual friends. Josephine has also worked with him before. The latest beeing on his last album, where they wrote the song ”Even though you’re with an other girl..” together. One day we played two tracks for him, and he really liked it and asked us if he could produce the two tracks and we said yes. As the process went on we decided together with him that he should produce both the EP and our debut  album. Did having a mentor like Andres give you a little pressure for the work on the album ? Because we have a very similar taste in music and have known each other for quite a while, the process has been very natural. Of cause sometimes we have been a little nervous when we had to play a new track for him, because we think he is such a great musician and we have a lot of respect for him. We don’t feel that pressure from the outside has affected our process. But from our personal point of view we wanted to make a good result, and we think we have succeeded in that. What were your other collaborations for this album? We made a track with a Danish songwriter called Kim Las who is singing a duet with Josephine on the song called “Josephine”. We simply love his voice and that’s why we asked him. Any remixes are planned? For our first single “The Void” we have 6 remixes. Trentemøller did two, a Piano Version and a club mix. Besides that we have the Danish producer team The Providers (Medina), Clueless, Lightbluemover vs Black Light Smoke and Norwegian Terje Bakke. All really nice and different mixes. We are also planning on making remixes for other tracks on the album. Your musical universe is very rich with utilisation of the harpsichord, some Asian-inspired elements, a pop and clear basses, lots of percussion, some voice effects very sought ... How could you describe of the aesthetics of the album? We feel that we have created a sound and feeling that is very much ours. It might sound as a cliché, but for the first time, it feels right, because we are not sure, we are nervous and excited. In our music there is something for the mind, something for the heart and something for the feet. What track was the hardest to finish? The easiest one? “Noise on the Line” was the easiest one. It was actually one of the first tracks we made. What we did was very spontaneous and it felt very natural. Basically we recorded the guitar and Josephine started singing. It turned out to be a love song, about a relationship starting to fail. “The Void” was one of the harder ones to finish but in the end it turned out great and it’s the first single on the album. How are your live shows? How do you manage on stage? Since we started playing live we have had a band with us with three other musicians beside ourselves. Josephine on vocals, Ina on bass, and two guitarists and a drummer. We are right now working on a new and smaller set up, with only us and one more guy. It’s gonna be very exiting.

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