Interview with Phil Kieran / Le Carousel (album out now!)

Interview with Phil Kieran / Le Carousel


Le Carousel Le Carousel Phil Kieran Recordings WAS

Album Compilation CD PKRCD001 Out: 18-03-2013

Since more than a decade belfast based dj and producer Phil Kieran releases his techno productions on dance labels including Soma, Cocoon, NovaMute or Bugged Out! to name only a few. His style as a soloartist is focused on a very special techno-approach which Kieran modulates and refines over the years. The producer from Belfast puts the linear and streamlined produced grooves towards varied kind of sounddesigns. In a not tangible dialogue with each other his tracks get lots of dynamic annexed because of the artificial stress ratio which is always present. With his Le Carousel Bandproject Kieran disregard his euphoriant techno-grooves to go deeper into a songshape dircetion. Unlike his Alloy Mental Project Kieran goes with his twelwe tracks containing debutalbum more into electronica and balearic sounds in favor of a wide-ranging audience and presents still more facets of his musical talent. Therefor he invites numerous singers and musicians to lock themself into a studio at Donegal, a little town at the Irish Westcoast to record the longplayer. Already mentioned with two singles which includes remixes by Andrew Weatherhall and David Holmes the selfnamed album Le Carousel presents various kind of soulful and deep feelings in a bandconcept for the living room. „Le Carousel“ released on Phil’s own label PKR on  March, 18th 2013.

In which period did you compose the tracks? I started about may 2010 and finished february 2012 .

How did you decide the order of the tracks on the album and from how many sketches did you have to chose the final Tracklist? I'm sure I made about 40 ideas at least! Then I just got down to a core 15 or so, then something started to speak to me about what the music was saying, it's what inspired me to write the words for it as well.

You've released on various dance labels since 2000, how and when did it happen that you wanted to do something that personal as „Le Carousel“?

It's just an album I've always wanted to make , its very personal , and a true reflection of who I am , not just trying to pick some boxes to fit with a genre, it's just music , simple.

Is there something special about why the Project and the album got named „Le Carousel“? The whole record has a theme, the words, the music the images, I've tried to make them all link together, I use the name or theme of a carousel, as I feel it fits for so many things in our lives, one turn being one day, or one day being one turn of the planet, and we are all spinning round sometimes enjoying it and sometimes not, it just seemed to all fit .

The album doesn't fit so much in a clubcontext with it's more Indieapproach, how do you want to perform this album? Any plans for a tour yet and with which set-up and musicians do you want to work and perform the Album live? We just had the album launch last weekend, and it went really well, it was in a new art gallery in Belfast along with an Andy Warhol exhibition, we had our own display of artwork around the room that is the cover of the album, now we are going to cut up the huge cover art to make up 250 LTD edition vinyl covers, I'm really excited about that.

What did you personally learn, or experience during the making of the album and the difference doing everyting on your own and travel as a DJ? I learned a lot with alloy mental, it's so different to what DJs know, they have an easy life trust me, I really feel sorry for people trying to make a band work, it's so much hard work, and very hard to survive, it costs so much money and nobody ever makes any, unless your like radiohead or something, it really is a labour of love to do it and takes a lot of time and hard work, but I hope it will pay off and people will enjoy the album played live .

What's your favourite track from the album and would you let us know why? I think it might be the lead track Carousel, just cause it seems to sooth the front part of my brain everytime I hear it, also it kind of stood out from an early stage as something a little special, so it kept me going to try and finish the rest of the music.

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