John Tejada – Parabolas

John Tejada – Parabolas
John Tejada is possibly one of Amerca's most influential producers. Being responsible for hits like the chillful 'The End Of It All' and the perky song 'Sucre' you'll also remember 'Mono On Mono' with its distinctive synthline or the tough hit 'Sweat On The Walls'. What do you think about that night. What is it that brings you here. I just took some time. Where do you wanna go tonight.
Whatpeopleplay Records just recently released his 2001 hit ‘Western Starlands’,he produced with his constant companion Arian Leviste, again. It added up with a new 2011 remix.Now Kompakt takes the turn and releases his new full-length album 'Parabolas'. Twelve tracks of clear electronic sounds. John is unpacking his deep and melodious sounds here - like in good old days. Always a bit melancholic, but also filled with a lot of warmth. So in the opener 'Farther and fainter'. An aureate rhythmic synth sounds and soon you are enwrapped by them. It goes ahead with the calm track  'The Dream'. Ascending piano chords swayed by calm soundscrapes as if it leads to an epiphany. Also more lively tracks find their place here: 'Mechanized World', 'The Living Night' and 'Unstable Condition'. The latter again with a captivating synth melody - John is at work, not different to hear it here..
The bass in 'The Mess and The Magic' has an Apparat-esque touch while feathery little bells sound across. Its a great arrangement, chilled but blowin' away.  John also takes us on a trip to the world of spheric's sound with the track 'The Honest Man'. Warm and pulsating ambient soundscrapes, while electronic chirping sounds - as if glowworms gather in the dark night of nature to dance above the shimmering water surface - enchant your sense of hearing.

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