Julia rummages in our Ambient/Electronica catalogue

Julia rummages in our Ambient/Electronica catalogue
A little contrast programm. I kept myself busy today with our Ambient/Electronica catalogue and picked up some lovely track full of soundscapes, piano melodies and strings: 1. Goldmund - Ouendake | Type Records | TYPE039 | 22-06-2009 Type records is one of the most influential labels for Ambient/Neoclassical music with its selection: having Xela, Helios (another project of the mind behind Goldmund), The North Sea, Deaf Center in their grip. Ouendake is from Goldmund's last album Malady Of Elegance. An endearing piano melody in treble clef, that is minimalistic but affecting. The Keystroke also evokes an image of an ancient, picturesque, left house with an empty room where only a wooden piano with this wooden chair stands in. Keith Kenniff sits here alone, playing this beautiful melody, fondling your soul with this healing composition. Marsen Jules - Yara 2 | Oktaf | OKTAF01 | 16-04-2010 Originally released in 2004 it was reissued by Oktaf. The basis is created by warm soundscapes. Imagine yourself wandering through a dark slumbering landscape, when suddenly some small creatures make noise or plants move by the wind. Here transformed into the melodies by shy strings, piano, harp melodies and cautious percussions build up a gentle noise and this fantastic imagination in my head. Every second you get surprised by new sounds. Demdike Stare - Repository Of Light | Modern Love | Love067 | 07-02-2011 One of the best albums this year, released by Modern Love. More than 11 minutes long this track grows slowly. Beginning with an elaborate percussion it lets you swing slowly to the syncopated beats. The synth pads and the bass set in after a few minutes, while the synth mutates more and more into a present melody by setting of the filter. Let this music simply have its impact on you. I always get inebriated by this. Biosphere - Shenzou | Touch | TO55 | 19-07-2010 This song also could be named ostinato. Biosphere looped some orchestral instruments all along: the oboes  and trumpets perform their melody on and on, the hectic string motiv sets in shortly and  plucked strings assign the rhythm. The looped interplay creates a captivating, gloomy wildness. The oboe figure that sounds like played from a grammophone burns in your ear, while you get swayed by the warm plucked strings. The only thing that changes is the dynamics. A really interesting, innovative (although its a few years old) piece. Pjusk - Skodde | 12K | 12K1059 | 16-03-2010 Pjusk's album 'Sval' was released last year by Taylor Deupree's label 12k. An album that plays with winter attributes (Sval means Cold, Skodde means fog). The whole album is more athmospheric with a lot of background noises, Skodde is the one that contains a rhythm that catches your ears. Love that slow groove here. Although its slow it makes me wanna move. Probably because of the non-chalant off beat. Dramatic spheric sounds are arranged above them. Association: A cold,  snowy and foggy landscape like it was intended. Sylvain Chauveau - L'Oree Du Bois | Type Records |  TYPE034 | 22-06-2009 Another minimalistic piano song of course released by Type records again and appears on album 'Nuage'. It also acts as soundtrack for two films by Sebastien Betbeder, where 'L'Oree Du Bois' was perhaps the most memorable one. A dreamy piano chord that is repeated again and again and merley changing the pitch through the whole song while the bass only accents the first beat.  Sylvain Chaveau is probably following the footprints of Erik Satie or Max Richter here. A melodious solo piano composition, creating a world that is easy to understand.. Ali and Party -  Enyi Wa Hiari | Honest Jon's Records | HJRLP50-1 | 31-12-2010 On their way back to the roots, Honest Jon's rummage around in old East African (Uganda & Kenya) recordings that have been created between year 1938-46 and formed this compilation with raw sounds. Ali and Party - Enyi Wa Hiari is one of them. The violine seems to be bad tempered the recording rustles. Ali and Party play a melancholic melody, that accompanies the singers voice. You hear laughing. A woman chips in a sentence with a cute africanesque voice.  This is not typical African music that we usually know. Its more authentic. Murcof - Eugenio III | InFiné | IF1014 | 09-05-2011 From his new album 'La sangre Illuminada' released by InFiné. It was also used as soundtrack for the selfnamed film by Ivàn Dueñas.  Murcof is still true to himself with this sounds, using the typical instruments of minimalistic piano and  strings above soft  soundscapes that enliven the quiet, cranky beats. Many people agree that he is one of the most genious composers of neo-classical music. In Eugenio III high pitched tender piano tones twinkle in a vast, vast soundscape while the string stirs slowly. Black To Comm - Musik Für Alle | Type Records | TYPE053 | 09-11-2009 Another release on Type records on Black TO Comm's album Alphabet 1968, with an inventive soundcape here. Hamburg based Black To Comm alias Marc Richter formed a big sound chaos of stringed instruments. Each of them sounds nervous and derranged like a swarm of bees got flared up by enemies. Formerly flying in one direction, they now whirr chaoticly like the stringed instrument are played here. Goldmund - The One Acre | Type Records | TYPE005 | 22-06-2009 And.........again Type, again Goldmund. So wonderful arranged solo pianos, to which an old couple dances slowly in my head. Timeless.

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