Miles – Facets EP

Miles – Facets EP
One part of Demdike Stare  continues with a new 4 track EP that offers us again gloomy spheres. Miles Whittakers longtime relation with Modern Love and several releases under the names Daughter Of The Industrial Revolution, Millie & Andrea, PCB and Pendle Coven made him to a significant artists of avant garde electronic music. Compared to the recently released Demdike Stare sounds, the structure of this music is more straight through continously beats or pulses while the athmosphere is just as dark and distressed as the Demdike sound. The first track 'Flawed' opens with kind of aggressive electronic sounds packed in a rhythm, when they end after half the time in an infinite creepy soundscape. Harder sounds seems to plash into this soundscape. Imagination: dark and wet tunnel somewhere in the ghetto, you in it, listening to the rats, the drops falling into the sewerage. Try if it works. The 'Lustre' glows more, a broken beat crosses the track enclosed by rustling soundclouds. In 'Primer' Miles unpacks a rhythm like you could find on the Demdike Stare albums,  I always name it the groove of cannibalism because its evokes the picture of cannibalists celebrating their procedure of eating peoples. Suddenly clear 808 drums appear and underline the deep, deep bass. The final track 'On The Fly' is not for the faint-hearted, a deep rustle sounds and begins to move pulsative, more and more, as if it gets completly deranged. Then noise. Miles, the sound expert. Love it.

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