Nicolas Jaar – Nymphs II – Other People

Nicolas Jaar – Nymphs II – Other People
After putting the Darkside project to an end some time ago, the astonishing Mr. Nicolas Jaar is back with his first solo release in four years: the two track “Nymphs II” EP comes via his own new imprint Other People and it’s an impressively beautiful one. Epically titled "The Three Sides Of Audrey And Why She's All Alone Now" starts beatless, with blooming and whirling soundscapes creating a dreamlike but not so much dreamy atmosphere, full of undercurrents and tension in it. After 3.30 minutes there’s a change, the beats appear, the whispering appears, the singing appears, adumbrated melodies get lost in masterfully complex shiftings of beats and structures and then it all ends in circulating musical-box-like harmonies, soft and lugubrious. The other track, “No One Is Looking At U”, comes with straighter rhythms and blurred harmonies, ambiguous and full of impressionistic voices floating around in cascades. At first listening this might seem as music made for accompanying visuals, films or whatever, but soon it becomes obvious that these pieces don't need anything visible, on the contrary they will create their own pictures, colours, worlds. Funnily the also impressive Mica Levi soundtrack to "Under The Skin" sometimes feels slightly similar in its sounds and approachs, though Jaars music isn’t that alienated and haunting. The Nymphs II EP is a fantastic work of art, too bad that it’s only two songs. But there’ll be more to come, praise the lord. Written by João Geck   You can BUY Nicolas Jaar - Nymphs II released on Other People HERE from

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