Artist of the year: Nicolas Jaar

Artist of the year: Nicolas Jaar

This year the young Nicolas Jaar scaled a big ladder, probably one of the highest ladder in the electronic music history. With a stunning album and several EPs and celebrated edits he was in everyones mouth. As his own boss, he doesn't follow any musical rules, only himself and his emotional voice. Result: A bundle of timeless music, that brought together people with different tastes. Edits of songs by Nancy Sinatra, The Blow, Ray Charles or self sung songs like the energetic 'Mi Mujer' crashed many parties, while his new album enchant many with some calm, ellaborate and aestethic compositions. Also his live sets makepeople perk up with a deep devotion. So far I never watched people freakin' out that honestly while listening to that kind of slow music. No wonder is the fact, that Resident Advisor lent him the title of best 'Live Act' and 'Best album' for 2011, followed by MIXMAG, DJ MAG and many others. Rumouring in magazines, forums and blog predicted already him as best artist, newcomer, classic album. Nico's roots are in NYC and with a short life time in Chile he came back to New York in the age of eleven.  He got introduced in piano music and in his tender age of 14 he got in touch with Villalobos' classical album 'Thé Au Harem D'Archimède'. A great inspiration for him, that let him begin with producing, recording and experimenting. Soon in 2006 he listened to a radio show interview with Wolf & Lamb's Gadi Mizrahi and sent him his new material. Gadi was excited by his musical sense and released the EP 'The Student' with a remix of Seth Troxler. A new wave of modern classical music breaks above Techhouse, Ambient and Electronica, mixing them up to his new, independent style. His second EP 'Democracy' emerged from the friendship with Soul Keita, who he got to know at the border between Mexico and the USA. With him and Nikita Quasim he met there, they raised up their own label, Clown & Sunset. Also this label may find a lot of attention, where they retain some shared memories in a bunch of well electronica, experimental house arrangements. Excited we are waiting for the new EP from Darkside, his new project with his guitar player Harrington releases their first output (Darkside EP). It bears the smooth groove and crawling and rhythmic guitars that always has been really characteristic in his music. Seducing.

Also for us a highlight of the year is a meeting with Nicolas Jaar to talk about his album, his live gigs, touring and other background stuff before we got into the pleasure of  attending his concert in Hamburg. Wouh! Listen and watch below!

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