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that's whatpeopleplay - podcast


An hour and a minute of heavy club house and groove techno provided by Stereo MC's.
1. Funkadelic feat. Moodymann - Sloppy Cosmic (Voice-over by Shadowlight)
2. Hunter/Game - Adaptation
3. Stereo MC's - Connected Dub (Terranova Mix)
4. System2,Junior Gee & Lewis Boardman - Jack Off
5. Re.You - I Don't Know, Baby
6. Stereo MC's feat. Terranova - Turnaround
7. Terranova — Kpler 186F (Hell Mix)
8. Dario D'Attis - This Piano
9. Stuffa - Outside Of You 
10.Till von Sein - The Manifest (Pablo Fierro Remix)
11.Matthias Meyer - Infinity
12.Stereo MC's feat Terranova - Deeper
13.Terranova - Twisted Souls feat. Cath Coffey (Stereo Mc's Mix)
14.Home Recording - Heathrow Airport Terminal Tunnel 
52 minutes of fancy deepness, modern disco and jazzy edges with Johan Kaseta
1. Pépé Bradock - Intriguing Feathered Creature (Atavisme)
5. DJ Fett Burger & Telephones - Tutti Frutti Del Mar (Sex Tags UFO)
9. MBG - Quiet Reprise (MBG International Records)
10. Eddie Ness - Afro (Lehult / forthcoming)
11. Fizzy Veins - Vermona (Worldwide Echo)
13. Hidden Spheres - Waiting (Distant Hawai)

That's Eluize

An hour and 4 minutes of floating deepness and driving club goodies provided by Eluize.

1. No Pain - It’s Gonna Be Alright (No More Pain Mix) [RH RSS 14]
4. Fit Siegel - First Souns [FIT-012]
6. Major Problems - The Rush [NG 052]
9. Deepthroat - Fetishist [BBW03]
11. DJ Metatron - Rave Child [Traumprinz 05]

That's Baldo

1h and 7m of Neovinyl in-house music provided by labelowner Baldo.

01. T. Ruggieri - Magic Love (Fantasna Remix) (NVR051)
02. Babak - All I Want (NVR052 unreleased)
03. Adham Zahran - Planet Warp (NVR053 unreleased)
04. Carlo - Aliquindoi (Baldo Remix) (NVR050 unreleased)
05. Peter Clamat - Backside (NVR048)
06. Zanfardino - Alabama (NVRS006)
07. Baldo - Animals (NVR050 unreleased)
08. Peter Clamat - Landsight (Nowakowski Remix) (NVR054 unreleased)
09. Lorenzo Kurizu - Cinta (Tilman's No Love Edit) (NVR040)
10. Black Loops - Fenlaki (NVR043)
Odysea - Inbetween Spaces (Carlo Remix) (NVR047)
12. Adham Zahran - Stand By For Triton (NVR053 unreleased)

That's Leeon

65 minutes DJ Mix of finest techno and house by Glasgow based producer Leeon (aka one behalf of CEOL). Leeon has released "Rest and Be Thankful EP" including Hutton Drive Remix on Nord-Sud Recordings now.

Tin Man - No New Violence - Acid Test
Aroy Dee - City of others (Cliff Lothar's Subway Dub) - M>O>S
Maxi Mill - Lost and Found - Rush Hour
Lake People - Unexpected end of Archive - Uncanny Valley
Conforce - Stop Hold - Delsin
Radio Slave - Children of the E (North London mix) - Running Back
Mike Dehnert - Orage de Chaleur - Fachwerk
John Tejada - Meadow - Kompakt
Gerstaffelen - Night flowing north - M>O>S
Joey Anderson - Tears can't bring you near - Tanstaafl
Kobosil - A15 - RK1
Steffi - Bang for your buck - Ostgut Ton

That's Achterbahn D'Amour

An hour of rough and raw, atmospheric Electro, House and Techno mixed by Achterbahn D'Amour. The duo has just released "Odd Movements - The Remixes" with versions by Marcellus Pittman, Chevel, Convextion and SW.

01 Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Test 2
02 DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield - Flesh Order (Edit)
03 Pablo Bolivar - The Spark (Versalife Remix)
04 Efdemin - Decay (E.R.P. Version)
05 Bookworms - Malfunction
06 Florian Kupfer - Lemming
07 DJ Route 8 - Cruising (ASOK Remix)
08 D'Marc Cantu - Rival
09 Roughlung - B
10 Achterbahn D'Amour - Odd Movements (Chevel Remix)
11 Asusu - Serra
12 VEX - VEX-1
13 Geena - Softening (Acid Shade Mix)
14 H8R - EOD 1.0 (Gkahn Remix)
15 Gunnar Haslam - Corridor Metaphysics


1h of laidback Deep House grooves brought to you by BigBait labelhead Peter Clamat.  He just re-release his stellar solo album “Single LP” (bigbait003) digitally in december 2014.

Peter Clamat - Tour de sable (bigbait003)
Peter Clamat - Right (bigbait003)
Rick Wade - Eclipse (bigbait016)
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Stripped Down to the Bone (Compost277-1)
Peter Clamat - Shiva Shanti (bigbait006)
Elektroherde - Original Badass (bigbait007)
Chocky - Stoney Clouds (bigbait015)
Dangerous Person - Late Night (Peter Clamat Remix) (bigbait009)
Monikca - Want No Other (bigbait018)
Peter Clamat - Unhooked Strokes (bigbait017)
Glenn Astro -Tearz (bigbait013)
Max Graef - Bummse (gym007)
PeterClamat - Gelee Royal (NVR047)
Theo Parrish - Ebonics (SS04)

That's Bryan Kessler

An hour of Deep House and driven Techno Music mixed by Bryan Kessler, the DJ and producer who has released his album "Cologne is for Brainfuckers" on Low Hanging Fruit now.

Myr. - Nobody knows
Philipp Gorbachev - What do you need (Danny Daze Version)
Culoe de Song - Y.O.U.D.
Rocco - Tbt3
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie - Takelant
Robert Dietz - Nostaljack
Bryan Kessler - You Say Hi I Say Bye
Aroma Pitch - Granny Smit
Bryan Kessler - Cologne is for brainfuckers
Bryan Kessler - If you Rush
Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse (Dense & Pika Remix)
Barnt - Under his real name but also as Sir

That's Lucky Charmz


An hour and a quarter of House Music mixed together by Lucky Charmz who recently released his debut EP "Follow Me To Flottbek Falls" on the new Lehult imprint.
01. Anytime is fine – Axel Boman - Mule
04. Lehult - stay tuned
06. Lehult - stay tuned
07. Lovelee Dae (Pepe Bradock Remix) – Blaze – True
09. Lehult - stay tuned
12. Limehouse Afternoon – Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Karlovak
13. The Underground – Rhythm Masters
14. Batucada (BMR Ruffclub) - Spiller

That's CCO


64 minutes podcast by CCO aka Florin Buechel. He has released "Untitled", the third release on the swiss based label Hot Jam.


That's BREED - Shady P & The Friend


65 minutes podcast by the Detroit based DJs and producers Shady P & The Friend. The duo released the debut (split) EP "BREED 01" on BREED, the label run by Kris Wadsworth.

02. Beaka - Killjoy (Infinite Machine)
03. Marshall Applewhite - Work it Out (Unreleased)
08. LaChriz - Carlsbad (Ilian Tape)
09. Cardopusher - Hyperwave (Classicworks)
11. Sascha Rydell - Thought Disorder (Fachwerk)
12. EQD - 003 (Equalized)
13. Young Male - Finesse (Work Them)
14. Marshall Applewhite - Escapo (How To Kill)
15. The Friend - Test (Unreleased)
16. Matrixxman ft. Vin Sol - Acid City (Delft)
17. Ngly - Service Cost HH2 (L.I.E.S.)
19. Conforce - 24 (Clone)
20. The Friend - Bleed (Local Heat)
21. Adult Supervision - With Us (Unreleased)
22. Gerald Norton - Gwen Stacy (Sly Fox)

That's David Hasert

Out now! David Hasert "Ratata" on Low Hanging Fruit...
01. Cant do without you (David Hasert Edit)
03. David Hasert & Matteo Luis - Watermelon
07. Bryan Kessler - Secret Boyfriend
08. David Hasert - Moonglade
10. Niju feat. Moria - Faires in the Moonlight (David Hasert Remix)

That's Stelios Vassilioudis

Berlin-based Klas Sasse Lindblad teams up once more with Athens' Stelios Vassiloudis to drop some more pure pressure for Audiomatique - subsequent to their 2013 release 'Options & Futures'. Sasse has been making house for the best part of 20 years, both for his own Moodmusic label and many other imprints. Stelios Vassiloudis has also carved out his own niche, not least via his debut album on John Digweed's Bedrock label. Now Stelios was so kind to mix up some of his case's hottest tunes. Enjoy!

01. Slow Culture-On Reality
02. Williams & Townley- Let Us Groove
03. Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss & Pagal-Human (Daze Maxim Remix)
04. Jesse Rose-Find Your Feet (Sebo K Remix)
05. Tim Engelhardt-From the Ashes
06. Bornjevski-Introspective
07. Alexander Kowalski-The View of Changes (David Alvarado Remix)
08. Phil & Julz-Road to Nimbim (Bunte Bummler Remix)
09. Nicson & Skinnybone Love-Detroit Pow (Pezzner Remix)
10. Vince Watson-Planet Funk (Marco Resmann Remix)

During the past decade, electronic music has constantly pushed and sometimes crushed the borders of its genre. Silky Raven, namely Jakob Seidensticker and Henrik Raabe, have dedicated their work to this process with projects like The Havana Boys, Seidensticker/Salour and Wareika. Now, after 20 years of joint forces for music, their new project "Silky Raven“ can refer to a compository-improvisatory diversification of a remarkably varied oeuvre.Here's an exclusive Dj mix by the duo!

1.Seefeel - Utreat - Warp
2.Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross- She reminds me of you - Null Corporation
3.Steven R. Smith - Black paper scrim - Immune
4.Grouper - Vital - Kranky
5.Tape & Bill Wells - Fugue 3 - Immune
6.Big Blood - Satie (First Gnossienne) - dontrustheruin
7.Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw - Night Gallery III - Thrill Jockey
8.Maps and Diagrams - Yriarte (Isan ships to shore remix)
9.Jon Hopkins - Breathe this air - Domino
10.Autechre - Bladelores - Warp
11.Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique - M=Minimal
12.Oren Ambarchi - Sagittarian domain - Touch
13.Chelsea Light Moving - Heavenmetal - Matador

That's Deo & Z-man

With their debut album on Hamburg's taste making hafendisko, Deo & Z-Man proceed their research in contemporary electronic music beyond stylistic boundaries and present a wide-ranging lucky bag of songs. The Italo-rooted brothers melt influences from modern House music, HipHop, Electronica and even jazzy elements into a fresh and life-affirming total work of art. And here it is in all its glory - 'No Bullshit' .
We are glad to present you an accompanying Dj mix by the duo which ain't No Bullshit either!

1.cuthead - everlasting sunday
2.deo&z-man - tamastar santini feat. janosz
3. botany - quatic
4. abstraxion - moon
5. deo&z-man - xtc (erobique remix)
6. awanto 3 - holy moses made me lucky
7. credit 00 - round n round
8. bottin&rodion - shooting star
9. alexander robotnik - undicidisco (fresco mix)
10.sandrow m - gonna make
11. dmx crew - molten analogue
12. laid back - fuck
13. donnie - olmec save us
14. palace - way i feel
15. kask - how do you feel
16. dj slugo - wouldn't you like to be a hoe too
17. deo&z-man - too shy feat. xenon
18. wolfey - samsara
19. stareaway - no life in this ghost town (chateau flight remix)


Berlin born and bred, a young Maik Pechtold used to want to be a fireman. He now DJs and produces as Tristen, handles production for Oskar Offermann's label WHITE, works part-time at leading music production company Native Instruments, and runs his own label Aim, releasing beautifully crafted house music from the likes of Christopher Rau, Lowtec, OCP and Moomin.
With Aim, it is Tristen's hard craft that has propelled him to the forefront of a scene so often clouded with projects that lack a defined image or drive. Coming from the heart, every last detail is curated with the utmost importance: an aesthetic statement, much like an artist painting a picture. With his production output having garnered support from the likes of DJ Koze, Daniel Bell, Âme, and Brother's Vibe, and his current gig schedule having extended far beyond the Berlin club mile, it is safe to say that Tristen's commitment to his vision has not gone unnoticed. With further releases upcoming for White, it is safe to say that Tristen is aiming high indeed.


01 Theo Parrish - Lost Keys  | Signature Sounds
02 Daso - Why Try (Fred P Reshape) | Nsyde
03 RWJ - Joy In My Life (Stomp Mix) | Sähkö
04 Tom Trago - Physical Thrill (Axel Boman Remix) | Studio Soulrock
05 Wishmountain - Toaster | Accidental Records Ltd
06 Joel Alter - WRR029_B2_Joel_Alter_-_Decipher | We Are
07 Savvas Ysatis - Alright (Blake's Tresor Mix) | TRESOR263
08 Flori - SU 3150 - Berg Reduktion | Aim
09 Flori - SU 3150 - Roaming Remix | Aim
10 Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald - Mars Garden | Tresor
11 Achterbahn D'Amour - JX3 | Frank
12 Marcelus - Emerald | Tresor
01: Omar S, "J-A-i-P-U-R" [FXHE Records]
02: m.mup & k.mosse, "We Beat This Thing" [Mikrodisko]
03: Juniper, "Jovian Planet" [Fabric Worldwide]
04: Panash', "Cheval (Przewalski's Eastern Bounce) [BBE]
05: Round One feat. Andy Cain, "I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix by Chez Damier, Ron Trent)" [Main Street] 
06: Baby Ford, "Fordtrax" [Rhythm King Records]
07: Morphosis, "Flash" [M>O>S]
08: Stephan Grieder, "Kaos" [Svek]
09: Plaid, "Oi" [Warp Records]
10: Vakula, "Track 1" [Firecracker]
11: A Made Up Sound, "Demons (reprise)" [A Made Up Sound]
12: Juju & Jordash, "Chelm Is Burning" [Golf Channel Recordings]
13: Lone, "Risttowe" [Dekmantel]
14: Kassem Mosse, "Untitled A1" - [Workshop]
15: Cloude Young, "Impolite to Refuse" [Astralwerks]
16: Pearson Sound, "Footloose" [Pearson Sound]
17: Lowtec, "Untitled A (Part 3)" [Out To Lunch]

Elisabeth hails from what was once rightfully coined Berlin's vibrant underground scene. Her broad influences of all things House, Techno, Garage (and beyond) conjure into a podcast to reflect her eclectic view on what a great DJ set is all about: versatility, bass lines, a moody groove - and more groove.


01 Elgato
Zone / Luv Zombie
Hessle Audio
Luv Zombie

02 Patrice Scott
Atmospheric Emotions
Sistrum Recordings
Atmospheric Emotions

03 Wbeeza - Hurricane feat. Tina Penni Anne

04 Martyn
Newspeak EP

05 Map.ache
Kann Records
The Only Island

06 Sensate Focus
Sensate Focus 2
Sensate Focus

07 Elgato
Rinse:16 – Ben UFO
Dunkel Jam

08 Four Tet
Think And Change
Nonplus Records
For These Times

09 Motor City Drum Ensemble
Raw Cuts #3&4
Faces Records
Raw Cuts 4 - B Side

10 Anthony Shakir
Frictonalisms 1994 2009 Part 3 Of 4
Rush Hour

11 Tessela - Helter Skelter

12 Cajmere feat. Dajae
Brighter Days
Streetheat Music

Electric Apache are responsible for the latest 2 track EP on Kevin Saunderson's legendary techno label KMS. The duo is based in South London and deliver a straight to point mix with an uplifting, uncompromising groove due to strong tracks from labels such as Suruba, KD Music, Outside The Box, Bedrock next to some fresh ones on KMS. 


That's Pole Folder 

Pole Folder is a Belgian electronic musician and live club performer and label owner based in Brussels. We are exited to host this inspired mix of the Rework label boss in our Podcast series. Tracks included from Prins Thomas, Jimpster, John Talabot & many more enjoy!
Please also check an exclusive interview with Pole Folder here!
Find the latest release (wpp exclusive) on Pole Folder’s label Reworck here!
Ilker Soylu from The Netherlands who is better known as Philogresz and his imprint Team Records stand for deep, quality music between Techno , Electro , Ambient , Minimal. After his latest on Team Records called 'Lonedon' he delivered us a fabulous DJ mix which we'd like to offer you here now. It includes tracks by Christopher Rau, Recloose, Orgue Electronique; Space Dimension Controller, Smallpeople, Trevino, Oni Ayhun and many more...Please enjoy!
Christopher Rau - Love Is What I Really Want ///// AIM

Recloose - Don't Get Me Wrong (Tornado Wallace Mix) ///// Delusions Of Grandeur

Orgue Electronique - Our House (KINK & Neville Watson Remix) ///// Crème Organization

Tony Ollivierra - Absolution ///// Yore Records

Steve Summers - The Sunrise In Your Eyes ///// L.I.E.S.

Johanna Knutsson - Groove Support (Sacha Robotti 19808 Remix) ///// Klasse Recordings

Recloose - UHF ///// Rush Hour

Space Dimension Controller - Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere ///// Clone

Ryan Sullivan - MDH (Iron Horses's Drums Mix) ///// Eighth Dimension Records

DJ W!LD - Pour Tes Jolis Yeux (Digial Bonus) ///// Snork Enterprises

Commix - Strictly (Kassem Mosse 'Need To Feel Edit' Remix) ///// Metalheadz

Smallpeople - Move With Your Vision ///// Smallville

Lawrence - Don't Forget ///// Smallville

Trevino - Backtracking ///// The Nothing Special

Cavalier - Kaimanawa ///// Drumpoet Community

Bryan Zentz & Javier Orduna - Unlawful Assembly (Luca Bear Remix) ///// Alma Soul Music

Alex Israel - Habitation Micturation (vocals Kevin Reynold) ///// Crème Organization

Oni Ayhun - OAR004-A ///// Oni Ayhun Records

Brassica - Lydden Circuit (Capracara Remix) ///// Civil Music

River & Phoenix - Follow Your Dreams Persue Your Nightmares (Laur Remix) ///// Let's Play House

The Oliverwho Factory - Before (Deep Mix) ///// Dolly

Tevo Howard - Crystal Republic ///// Rush Hour

Glimpse, Martin Dawson - Fat Controller (Roman Fluegel Remix) ///// Hypercolour

That's Jerome Sydenham

Jerome Sydenham, head of Ibadan Records just released his album ''Animal Social Club''- a fabulous, deep, dynamic experience, instinct-driven music, raw and inviting . Besides his productions he's also a one of a kind DJ - between deepest house and intricate, chugging techno, to jackin' tech house, into huge anthemic house moments in the classic vein. And this is what you can feel while listening to this brandnew, exclusive mix featuring tracks by Atjazz, Tom Trago, DJ Spen, Function, The Martinez Brothers, Silent Servant, Psyk and many more besides some of his fantastic own productions. Please enjoy!


Actress - R.I.P. - Honest Jon's Records
Samuli Kemppi - Escape - Komisch
Xosar - Tropical Cruize - L.I.E.S.
Geeeman - Computer Jackin' - Clone Jack For Daze Series
STL - Loop B - Something
Scott Grooves - Mothership Reconection - Soma
Alton Miller - Inner 8 (Gerd's No Vox mix) - Clone
DJ Linus - K.B.s Groove (Kris Wadsworth's a love letter to dance mix) - Initials
RVDS - Under the Acid Moon - It's
10 Actress - The Lord's Graffiti - Honest Jon's Records
11 Skatebard - Donko Donko - Dent
12 Drexciya - Gravity Waves - Clone
13 STL - Loop c - Something
14 Paul du Lac - The House of Spirits - Clone Jack For Daze Series
15 Geeeman - Rubberband2  - Clone Jack For Daze Series
16 Drexciya - Neon Falls - clone classic cuts
17 Xosar - Elixir of Dreams - Rush Hour

Dachshund's album ELEVEN RIDIMS is out on highgrade Oct.15th. Although “Eleven Ridims” is incredibly varied, from the melodic and quiet, to the pounding dancefloor killers and back, the album works as a unified whole. The feedback is already amazing. Next to his productions he is also an excellent DJ as he shows with this fine 1 hour show. Incl. tracks by Octave One, Steve Rachmad, KiNK, Quenum and many more... Please enjoy and don't forget to check his album..it's ''music for dogs''

Mihai Popoviciu - Interlude - Highgrade Records
Subjekt - Come On (Charles Webster's Deep Kontact Mix) - Freerange Records
Octave One - Terraforming - 430 West Records
Steve Rachmad - Bling It Up - Rejected
Sascha Rydell - When You Play It - Fachwerk Digital
Kink - Detunator (La Force's Sven Bowls Remix) - Liebe Detail
Daniel Dreier, Philip Bader - What's Going On - Highgrade Records
Dachshund - Mosquito Coast - Highgrade Records
Hugo Barrit - Check Session In Cov. - Vitalik Recordings
Kid Culture, Thomas Robson - Feel So Good (Livio & Roby Remix) Suara
Terje Bakke - Ekaterinburg - Be Chosen
Quenum - Another Day - Serialism Records
The DJ Team ADANA TWINS are not only residenting in their hood at BAALSAAL and Neidklub (Hamburg, Germany) but also cheered up the partycrowd throughout Germany, Europe and now touring the world with their deep and adrenalizing sets. We were lucky enough to catch them in between to catch one of these sets. This one's including tracks by Tiger Stripes, Forrest, Adriatique, Niko Schwind, Andre Crom, Martin Dawson, HNQO, Pillow Talk and many more.  Find their own tracks and remixes on labels like Exploited, Baalsaal Rercords, Jeudi Records, Get Physical, Hafendisko, Noir Music etc.on their artist page. Also look out for their latest remix for Kasper Bjorke's Bohemian Soul (feat. Laid Back) on his hfn music label. And now enjoy this lovely mix!


That's eat the beat

Hamburg-based crew and event-series "eat the beat" enter their 5th year of existence. A solid period of time, always delivering constant musical innovations. Their guestlist is definitely worth a closer look: Mosca, Subeena, Hackman, XXXY, Midland, Fantastic Mr Fox, Bok Bok & Jam City, Martyn, Kahn, Darling Farah and Objekt all had outstanding performances in a floating sequel. Forthcoming they bring us Redshape & Cosmin TRG in package, showing us times are not over yet. Their very own F#X brings us a grounded mix of electronics, definitely representing their variety of special kindness.


1. Emptyset - Tangent
BNJMN - Nightvision (Andy Stott Remix)
3. NHK'Koyxen - 530
4. Mos Def & Massive Attack - I Against I
Autechre - Gelk
Actress - The Kettle Men
7. Arpanet - Lorentz Contraction
Darling Farah - Bruised
9. Audion - Wield
Sleeparchive - Elephant Island 2
North Manc Beds - Peob Okz6423
Aux 88 - Electronic Underground
Morphosis - Androids Among Us
Redshape - Dead Space Mix (Edit)
$tinkworx - Amira
16. Monolake - Invisible
Autechre - See On See

Death By Misadventure is Chymera brandnew album out now on Connaisseur Recordings. Selffiled under the genre An Irishman in Detroit. As he's not only capable of producing, he was so kind to do this 1h exclusive DJ mix which includes tracks by Lone, A Sagitarriun, Conforce, Boo Williams, Roman Fluegel, Tevo howard, Trevino and many more! Fantastic mix to start your weekend!

1. Lone - Stand Tidal Waves
Alleviated Records
Hot Mix 5
Orlando Voorn