Review on: ILO – Take You to Love (Lagaffe Tales)

Review on: ILO – Take You to Love (Lagaffe Tales)
This one's epic: Ilos new release, the “Take You To Love EP”on Reykjaviks finest, Lagaffe Tales, is just a two-tracker but these two cuts have a lot to offer indeed: Ilo follows the path of his records for Rebirth, especially the excellent “Paradigm Shift EP”, and gives us long sprawling tracks that tell their stories in detail. "Take You To Love" samples House classic "I'll Take You To Love" by Naked Music NYC released on Ore Music back in the days of 1996 when the Underground danced with the Overground and parties were quite something fueled with innocence, madness and not a single thought about the future. Ilo takes, you may have guessed from the title, the main vocal line and lets it sink in a cloud of slowed-down break beats, drum whirls and spaced-out synths, visiting the old days of House with a kind of distant nostalgia, reminiscent of a time when the world was different. Strangely and wonderfully it all changes in the middle of the track, gone are nostalgia and melancholia, a dry groove and ambientesque calmness neutralize the tracks’ emotions in a stunning way. The 14 minutes of "Miracles" then are a perfect example for atmospheric House Music taken to the max, the beats are holding back a little, the psychedelic sounds of layers and layers of vocal samples and washed-out frayed Detroitish keyboard strings are the main thing, constantly repeating and changing, meandering endlessly. One of the lessons we learned from electronic music: “if you want to have it "hypnotic" take your time and let it go on and on and on” and that’s what Ilo virtuously does. (Another lesson learned is “A deep bass line always helps as well”, so Ilo got himself one). And then when it's all nearly over and you think the records just fades out over the last minutes, Ilo comes up with these vocals again and ends it sweet and soulful. A fantastic trip, great stuff! Written by João Geck You can BUY ILO - Take You to Love, released on Lagaffe Tales HERE from

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