Review on: Westcoast Goddess – Springtime Forever (Omena)

Review on:  Westcoast Goddess – Springtime Forever (Omena)
Little is known about the artist called Westcoast Goddess but there’s one thing to be sure of: the goddess’ first full release (following a track for 100 % Silk) is really really good. This release, called “Springtime Forever”, is out now on the excellent Omena imprint and its four tracks celebrate both the history of House Music, with references to Disco, Soul and whatnot, and also, more essential, the as universal as splendid concept of Dancing itself. The EP starts with the “Summer Song ‘98”, a joyful tune dating from the year 1998 if you’re willing to believe the info sheet. And it might be true indeed as there’s this percussion-heavy New York-House-anthem-feeling of the late 90s with it, the uplifting grooves and euphoriant harmonies that won’t accept too much darkness in the space of the club, locking out reality, entering warmth and light. If it’s not it of course doesn’t matter anyway as we’ll ever need this kind of tunes, now more than ever. “Better The…“ also illustrates Westcoast Goddess’ jolly handshake with the past, a quirky song with a rolling disco string section and vibrant virtuoso organ solos, coming up with the uptempo jazzy vibe that’s inherent in the original style of House. Vivacious and beautiful. “No One Has 2 Know” may be the records highlight, a marvelous House explosion with all the classic ingredients working together in full swing: the piano, the strings, the soulful vocals and the amazing groove you’ll never get tired of. An outstanding track, instantly making clear (again, because we already knew) that this thing called “The Party” can be your spiritual home when you have music like this. Finally “Blisstonia Babies” starts quite stripped-down, a tightly grooving bass line and plain chords slowly gather pace and volume, then again the strings come in and at once take over, jubilating in higher spheres full of sweetness and delight. With “Springtime Forever” Westcoast Goddess shows the skills and guts it needs to create such quality tracks that are, musically spoken, obviously nothing unheard and groundbreaking new but filter the essence of House so well and, though this term usually is a bit tricky, so authentic you’ll be with it in seconds. It’s hard to tell when or where this gem was produced but we sure can be happy that it happened. Play it loud and again. Written by João Geck You can BUY Westcoast Goddess - Springtime Forever, released on Omena from HERE on

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