Fatty Folders by Roman Fluegel out now!

Fatty Folders by Roman Fluegel out now!
The multitalented producer released his debut album under his common name. With this debut album Roman Flügel presents a reinvention of house, figuring out the old house structures and adding his riped  sound when hearty and melancholic synthies emerge. He also inweaves siginificant motives out of Chicago, Techno, Minimalism, Italo Disco and Electronica genres here.  The companion of Lawrence, Pantha Du Prince and Carsten Jost created an eclectic package with elegant and essential tracks, whereas every single one demonsrates its own character trait. He can look up to a longtime music career, being responsible for the hit 'Rocker' as the other half of 'Alter Ego', a production team he formed with Jörn Elling Wuttke. He also produced with several monikers like Eight Miles High, Soylent Green and formed a part of Sensorama. His solo work Eps appeared on the co-owner label Klang Elektronik, Ongaku Musik, Playhouse and Cocoon Recordings, while the latter released his well celebrated club hit 'Geht's noch?' in year 2004. Really sudden without intro the album begins, Roman Flügel set in the kickdrum , the bass and the enchanting melody sound that dash the listener immediately into the inspiring world of Roman Flügel. It gives the listeners fantasy a full scoop: Fastly you picture diverse, romantic images in your head. 'How To Spread Lies' - that has already been released at last years Dial054 EP - is adorned by playful melodies, that ascend and descend like a question-answer game, while  simultaneously piano chords reverberates through the whole song to create a wide room where the outstanding bassline wafts through. Beside this lovely house track, the album also contains post Italo disco sounds in 'Deo' that quickly brings the head and the feets to move to a discoesque groove and a melody that burns into your ear, a nasty kick drum with brought in bongo percussion with keen claps, which rhythm turns into an unsettled synth modus, as if the track couldn't  moderate its hyperactivity. The hyperactivity rubs off on the listener, its hard to keep the body calm here. 'Rude Awakening' constitues the minimalistic part of the album,  with a  Township Funk alike synth that swirls through the whole song. Also 'Lush Life Libido' is more minimalstic, with an outstanding chary synth melody that sneaks up out of the sophisticated rhythm, that reminds of Ricardo Villalobos older stuff, but much more perfected. Here Flügel proves his developed skills he evolved since his 15years experience of music production. Roman Flügel also tends to a romantic side, like 'Soft Ice' creates with draws that jingle through the whole song, he lets glimmering synth notes appear like we got in touch with them in Pantha Du Prince' stories. 'Krautus' lets a blaze burn up, slow growing and warming our spirit. As with 'Don't Break My Heart' - cautious and also glimmering, and as a final end, the multitalent composed an electronica track for us and called it 'PianoPiano' that lets coast out the album calmly. An album that is shaping current music history,timeless and 'an excitingly wide range of eclecticism, modernism and dandyism under a groove'. An album you can easy listening to at home, but also works on the dancefloor.

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