SB – The Washint EP (Lossless)

SB – The Washint EP (Lossless)
The Washint EP” on Lossless is the first solo release by SB - a well-known player in the game of house music, who doesn’t want to unveil his secret moniker and the free creative space connected to it. What is known is that SB is one half of SBTH, who also brought some superb deepness to Lossless with their “Dagito EP” in the middle of 2014. The current works of SB is also focussed on the deeper shades of house. “The Washint EP” sounds modern, decently dark but well balanced and with a conscious progression being inherent to every track that builds a hypnotic drive around rhythm based grooves and makes the whole ep become suitable, trippy club music with a lot to discover for open ears. Solid stuff! Written by Jan (WPP Staff)   You can BUY SB – The Washint EP (Lossless) HERE from

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