Scissorwork – Homewrecker (Bobby Donny)

Scissorwork – Homewrecker (Bobby Donny)
The next coup on Frits Wentink’s Bobby Donny imprint draws a link from Amsterdam to Bristol to see Scissorwork presenting his “Homewrecker” EP.  Besides another appearance in 2017 on The Other Planet and a blog offering a bunch of visual collages there is not much to get out there about this obviously pretty new figure in the realms of housin’ electronics. What can be told is that the music Scissorworks brings to Bobby Donny seamlessly ties in to the labels spirit of sound with a certain love for house that enjoys abstraction and moodiness and comes tasty for the head-nodding as well as the body shakin’ audience. Thus the three original titles all emit the same smoky beatmaker charm and bring together modern trap and hip hop influences coupled with deep house aesthetics, all built on shuffle rhythm grooves and vintage sample cuts with a distinctive tape wear-feel to it. Label head Frits Wentink holds the tricky flow on his remix version while adding a bit more of stompiness and rolling bass spice what should delight those floor people around. Conclusion: Crazily charming house moods! Written by Jan (WPP) You can buy "Scissorwork - Homewrecker" HERE from whatpeopleplay

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