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Story 5 – Unknown Artist

Story 5 – Unknown Artist
Another anonymous high priest of the Secret New House World Order, an organisation rumored to clandestinely control and reign supreme dancefloors worldwide, steps up on their Story ( SecreT Order Rocks You ) label with 3 captivating basic, raw yet deep tracks in the best Chicago tradition - a style that over the years proofed itself rather useful for total mind and body dominance. “Feel about” perfectly exposes the simple, always effective ingredients for arresting punters on the floor: a basic jacking beat somewhere around the magical 120bpm range, a almost sedative walking bassline, swinging organ chords and vocal snippets that command your butt to shake, a subtle synth wave that will seep into your mind and clear it of all wordly thoughts and then after a while wild swirling hi-hats that will send you in uncontrolable convulsions. “Gute Aussichten” on the flip takes over from there with a harder punching groove and a slightly eerie atmosphere before a warm shower of synth chords hits the euphoria switch in your subconscious while the skippy stuttering groove of “return” will have dancers will-lessly twitching like electric eels. resistance is futile, just give yourself up to the groove!

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