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whatpeopleplay STUDIO TALK Damien Zala « Lonely Happiness » Out on Rowtag Records 23-11-2012 Rowtag is a new deep house/techno french label run by Damien Zala aka Lownza. The purpose of the label is to promote sweet house music with an open mind. We appreciate classic tunes as well as modern and conceptual approaches. In the midst of the digital era, we are still supporting vinyl and analog hardware because we think that sound quality and authenticity are more important that anything else !! Artwork concept by Muriel Boucher and All our Mastering are made By Isao Kumano (phonon product). Damien about the production of some of the album's tracks: Yves.W I produced this track after christmas, this is the first track I made using "dirty" vinyl samples. My old uncle offered me some french records mostly from the 60's to 80's, when I started listening them it was not planned to make a track with. At this time I was more focused on the analog gear because i was tired to hear all this tracks produced with sound banks you can buy on line. "Yves.W" is in réference to both artists i sampled. Everything started when i played this records from Yves montant, I was surprised when I discovered that I could do a deep house tunes with this kind of sample. I made a loop of this track called "Les bijoux" which is a musical adaptation of Beaudelaire poem,  I added a drum-machine beat quickly. Then I went digging vinyl samples again. It was fun to hear magic happened when I put an old record from Barry White because it's two completely different artists. Since, i produced several tracks the same way,  I like approached this kind of production, based on spontaneity more than technic!     Trinqui under the rain When i look through the studio's window it's Trinquetaille street, where I live now. I went back to my hometown two years ago.  I was in the south for summer holidays, to my parents house near Aix en provence. I was tired of the parisian stressful life and when september arrived it was impossible for me to go back in my apartment. So,  I decided to restore a house and settle here. I spend almost all my time at this place and I love that, it was inevitable to dedicate a song to this place. The idea came a peacefull winter day, the street was under the rain so quiet and so melancholic.  I plugged my microphone, i wanted to capture this moment. The perfect opposite between my 3 years in paris and 6 noisy and hardworking month for my house construction. Moreover this is what I tried to express in this track, if sometimes the "dynamic" became higher, calm returns!     Left & right Producing "Left & right" was like a musical therapy,  I wrote this one after a big fight with one of my dearest friend.  I didn't know how to deal with the sadness, so I stayed more than one week in the studio working on this tunes. It's actually  the first track of the album I made. I think my social life has a big impact on my music. It was not about pleasure this time, but I needed to put in music my deeper feelings because i knew that my life was going to change without this friend on my side. For this one i wanted something authentic without being influenced by others music,  I created everything, no recorded samples. I made even the vocals myself. The album title "Lonely happiness" expressed better day, but it is also linked with this period and before when i was in paris. I'm often disappointed by friendships or relationships so most of the time I try to take happiness in my art. --------------------- Coming up is a collection of remixes of some albumtracks. And it is to mention that there are some hot names on the duty list!! Looking forward to that while enjoying this new imprint already! Thanks, Damien!

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