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Maxi Single & EP ISM003-x Out: 17-02-2014 Brad P was so kind to give us a little insight to the production of his recent album 'Inner Visions' on Inner Shift Music. Have a good read: I wanted to put an album together for a dj and also something that hopefully the listener can escape into. I try to do this with a lot of my music, in fact.  I believe this is accomplished by approaching a song from both angles, no matter what style.  But it also means taking the time to experiment with, and learn different chord changes, playing some live synth parts, keys, arpeggiations, percussions or whatever.  I think some of the jazz musicians from the 70's got it right.. their tunes were full of great percussion, but also very harmonic. In the end, I feel like if i can escape into my music while i'm creating it, maybe others can do the same when listening. Sometimes i have a concept.. other times it is more random.  I can't really say how it all comes together.. it just does eventually. This album is the same.  A few concept tracks, others made in a more random way. I guess the main thing is I know the technology well enough, and I know my scales & chords. I try to lay down the initial vibe of a track pretty fast, after experimenting for a while. And hopefully not losing much of the mood or concept that is there to begin with.  Then later on, shape it into something people can follow. These tracks were created in that way. Tech:  I've moved around a lot and have always bought and sold gear to keep up with changes in technology and in life. For me, today the 'technical' aspect needs to be fast and to the point, so i can focus more on experimenting and making music that i hear in my head. I also feel technology is at a point where I can do just about anything i need to without having to spend a lot of money. Both as plug-ins and hardware.  Also, I can now get older pieces of gear (lesser known ones) that are still great tools, not as expensive. All the old drum machine sounds are important to me, all the old synths (prophets, jupiters, etc.) are still important. These are the basis of electronic music.   Luckily today you can find accessible ways to have these sounds without having to get the originals. I had a lot of the originals at one point, and there are some pretty convincing items out there now that can match them and can offer even more. But you have to know what you are looking for I suppose. Some of the new and shiny gear doesn't really do it for me if you know what i mean. I'm also very much into efficiency now days. I don't have a lot of time or money.  But maybe in 5 years i'll have a studio with modulars and some of these new Korg machines i'm feeling.  It changes all the time, and that's what keeps things fresh and inspiring for me. I love getting new gear when i can, software or hardware, experimenting, etc. With this album it was also very important for me to make it sound as good and clear as low and high volume levels, due to all the different ways people are listening..including loud systems and iphones. So after music content, I selected and made tracks where this was part of the production process and could carry over into the mastering. I have Yamaha HM-50's and H-7's and was really was able to get into this part as well. And I did the album mastering on my own, while Javier (Above Smoke/Hole of Dub) mastered the Vinyl EP. I'm also learning a lot from my friend Chris Lyth here in Edinburgh (Jacksonville/Doppler records) who is an experienced mastering engineer. He's also got a long history of records under various pseudonyms and is a great producer. Currently I am watching Korg and Arturia.  Also there are a couple other things i've been 'meaning to get' that are more affordable now. But I think those two companies are going in a direction I like, and have a couple 'reasonably' priced items for what you get in return.

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