Studiotalk – Fenster about The Pink Caves (Morr Music)

Album  -MORR127 | Out: 07-03-2014
      The band Fenster is currently touring through the U.S. and were so kind to report between playing in small churches, hunting for a decent wlan-place and surviving the usual craziness of life. We find the album extraordinary and pretty much out of time and so narrative that we got carried away by its  soulful story-telling and a unique mysterious yet entertaining and enlightening character . It encouraged us to dig for some background info about "The Pink Caves" which you can find below, straight from the road. Thanks, Fenster! Thanks, Morr Music!
1) FIREFLIES We recorded The Pink Caves in a wooden house in Cottbus an hour outside of Berlin...well most of it. Fireflies was actually recorded right outside the house in the backyard by candlelight with a guitalele and a couple of microphones, capturing the vocal and the instrument as well as the atmosphere of the forest at night. There was an animal scurrying around that we couldn't see, but we could hear coming closer and closer as we tried to be very still, barely moving or breathing. The song is about the end of the world as we know it...
2) TRUE LOVE During the last few days of the recordings, we all went to different rooms in the house equipped with headphones and mics to jam together over the tracks with different toys and percussive elements. We used whatever we could find - hangers, matches, clocks, drums, shakers and candlesticks to name a few and sort of garnished the songs. This one in particular is an old unfinished idea of JJs dating back to her time living in Brooklyn. We just took the verse that was there and came up with the part where the male choir is singing Ahhha. The song is about murdering your true love.
3) THE LIGHT Possibly one of the darkest songs on the record. It came to Johnny as the first new song after releasing Bones and touring for the entire spring and summer 2012. At first there was a sense of the mood and a feeling that the whole song should be pitched down and be really hypnotic and slow but the lyrics came way later. JJ was inspired by stories and documentaries about religious cults and charismatic leaders, particularly Jim Jones, that somehow hypnotize entire congregations of people to follow them into oblivion. Most of the song was recorded onto tape. We just played it today in an actual Chapel in Hot Springs, Arkansas...

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