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Album | HYB011 Out: 21-02-2014
The name "Sabota" comes from the infamous area in Nelson BC, where kids congregate late at night to smoke weed, hook up and watch the sun come up. Both Max Ulis and Robbie Slade (of Humans) both have (if somewhat indirect) roots in the area, making it a fitting concept for their collaboration. With the release of “Next Time” on Discobelle., Sabota immediately caught the attention of journalists and fans alike, and before any kind of formal release they have played SXSW, Sled Island in Calgary, Vancouver International Jazz Festival with Nosaj Thing, and Symbiosis Gathering."
When Sabota is in the studio, we use Ableton live as the foundation for the songwriting process, but very little audio is generated from within the program. We use a great deal of sampling, as well as outboard analogue gear. Here is a rundown of our process for some of our favourite songs on our LP that dropped on February 21st.
Dont Ask - This song was the direct result of an experiment with some firewood. We spent a couple hours hitting kindling together in front of a sure SM& microphone before throwing the resulting samples into Ableton. The tonal and percussive elements started working almost immediately and we ended up adding them in on a couple tracks (Untitled and I’m Not There)
Cooking Shows - Centre stage in the composition is the Yamaha CS-60 and the x0xb0x. The Yamaha CS-60 is a very big synth, both literally and sonically. We love the epic and droning layers it adds to songs. It is a signature addition to our sound. The x0xb0x is a clone of the classic Roland 303. You can hear it in the acid outro to cooking shows, as well as in almost every song when we play live. It can be extremely punchy and yet understated, but most people tend to use it too aggressively and squelchy for our taste.
    I’m Not There- A late addition to the album, but it was written with the help of a new piece of gear to our live setup - The NORD Electro 2. We had been looking for something that delivers a nice Organ / Clav / Rhodes sound, but balances with something portable for live gigging. We use it to replace some of the CS-60’s duties live, but it really shines in I’m Not There as the backbone of the song’s melody. We’re still looking for the Rhodes… Teacher - This song started out on an iPhone as a voice note. The original tune was sang in an elevator when no one was looking, and later placed in Ableton to start fleshing it all out. Whats interesting is that that recording made it into the final cut of the track as white noise between breaths. We like using field recordings a lot in production, as they tend to give tracks a living, breathing feeling, as well as a feeling of space and environment."                          

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