Studiotalk with Andreas Henneberg about his album „Mountain“ on „Voltage Musique Records“

Album | VMR051 | Out: 11-06-2013
“Mountain” is Andreas Henneberg‘s first solo-album containing 18 tracks influenced through the experiences of more than 17 years of working with electronic dance music. You can find Andreas behind the scenes since the mid 90’s as a producer, label owner, mastering-engineer and of course as a DJ. Even if he is born, raised and still living in Berlin the tracks are not colored by the typical Berlin minimal & house sound. Acute modeling and oscillating synthesizers are sneaking across the album from track to track, shaping a homogeneous line although different genres are abounding. Deep and dynamic bass lines in combination with expressive groove programming and self-played percussion, gives the entire album a vigorous touch.
These final works are the result of 1,5 years producing, deleting, rearranging, live testing, hating and loving a huge amount of tracks he did within the context of the creation process. The release is just in time for the 10th year anniversary of his record label “Voltage Musique” and a big milestone in his career as well. Intro, outro & the interludes: Maybe a bit unusual, but I decided to start the whole thing with producing the interludes, intro & outro first. This was an important step and helped me a lot to spot the direction for everything what can possibly happen later on. I tried to break out of my standard studio routines how to begin with a production.  Just don’t start a track with a bassdrum or fall back into the arrangement style I’m used to. Especially the outro „All The Good Things“ gave me alot of inspiration for the rest of the album in fact it was one of the first songs I did.   Fallin feat. Fabian Reichelt This was the very last production for the album. The track was finished just a coupple of days before I gave it to the pressing plants. Initally Fabian Reichelt came to my studio to record his voice for the track „No Place To Hide“. I just showed him the rough preversion of „Fallin“ and Fabian immediately had an idea for a genious hookline. He just started humming some melodies and we decided to try recording something. He wrote the text while I was rearranging the track for his voice. Just half an hour later, Fabian was standing in front of the microphone and we took up his vocal-lines within just 2 recording sessions.   Let’s Talk  About That: I love synthesizers and how to detune oscillators against each other. Even if a Moog is just a monophonic instrument you are able to make it sound complex and wide with his 3 oscillators. Just add a bit LFO and play with it. If you listen to the convoluted synthlines of this track, you’ll hear what i am talking about. The „Clavia Nordlead“ is a pretty important tool for me in fact you are able to layer up to 4 different sounds to one output signal. The complex LFO programming is amazing an dangerous in one. It seduces to overplay with the LFO’s and potentially destroy the whole thing. You really have to be patient with this much possibilitys. You can more or less hear the „Nordlead“ in nearly every song of the Album.               Watch the video documentation of the creation process:  

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