Studiotalk with Ex Vivian

Ex Vivian are Krysten Ritter and William Burnett. Will told us some facts about the project and the studio work on their new album: "The project started when Krysten sent me a track she recorded in her bathroom with garageband and the internal mic on her laptop. I ended up flying out to Los Angeles to record the rest of her songs. We put another vocal track and a little synth on it and it was done. All of the album was recorded with one Shure SM58 microphone, and Korg Electribe, Boss DR-660, Roland TR-707, Roland SH-101, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb, Boss Digital Delay, classical guitar, electric guitar and a laptop with Ableton Live. We set up in her living room in her apartment in Silverlake and just recorded every night for about a week. Treetops That was one of the first things we recorded. I think it was the first night i got there. I just hooked up the Electribe with some real sounding drums and played the Roland SH-101 with some Holy Grail Reverb and Krysten busted out her classical guitar and we just jammed and recorded. I think i went back and put on some electric guitar too. Disappear It might be my favorite track on the record, just Krysten and the guitar. Recorded with the SM58 on one track. I dont think we did any vocal overdubs. It's just an emotional honest track. It's got some soul to it.” Ex Vivian was released on 17th July 2012 via W.T. Records

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