Studiotalk with GUTI

Studiotalk with GUTI
Guti was born in an exceptionally musical, sprawling family, which included orchestra directors, saxophone players and pianists.Guti's "Patio de Juegos" ("playground") on Loco Dice's label Desolat is his debut album. He was so kind to let us know How He Did some of these tracks: Sun: In Buenos Aires in the studio of the producer of my rock band, we were working in other thing, a recording, there was a drummer and some drum machines and a wurlitzer -  "Sun" was a break, a live jam. First take, and it was a beautiful moment. My whole Thing: Anthea is a a good friend and we used to have endless talks at night, like old school, playing music by phone, I would sing songs for her. I started to record all our talks and slowly she started to feel like singing, and it was a big bam! The girl sounded amazing! Then I just built the song around her voice, decided to not put any beat on top, cause the voice was too beautiful - so just play some congas and shakers, and that's our whole thing. Al Viento: the last song of the album, and was the first song to be written, was my first night in Dusseldorf, when I've moved from Southamerica, i didnt had a studio set up yet, so i just had a small little piano with me, but I've got the melody, so I played both hands separately, and is kind of the charm, child play, then I  left it like this, and never replayed it again.

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