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Album Compilation CD FM12010-x Out: 05-06-2013     Temptation & Fries Well, House music is a wild field and there are countless ways you can go. But for me every once in a while a piano has to be involved. So I wanted to include a piano track on my album. I started with some beats in Ableton live, added some chords playing my Kurzweil Micro Piano. Plus some bass guitar action and there it is. To make it more funny I switched between piano and organ chords (organ also done through the Micro Piano) plus I also switched the drum machine sounds. This means the piano sound is accompanied by 707 drum sounds while the organ goes along 909 drums. It’s kind of a steady change. Oh before you ask, 808 working in the background too. Ableton is such a powerful & fun tool while making music – so easy to flip between those drum sounds. To reach my personal cheese factor I had to throw some strings solo over the top. You see I love to combine the best of analog and digital things. Just works best for me. Oh you might recognize the title a little, huh? Yeah, I just took Brett Johnson’s amazing „Temptation & Lies“ and refreshed it a little. BNT Had to include some Rave on „Hotel Novalis“ too. I was programming a not so straight 123 beats-per-minute beat. Then I went across the table to my beloved Juno 106 and played some full chords as well as some bass sound. I recorded them into the DAW and added some digital effects (like compressor, Multiband Dynamics, EQing). I guess this track is a lot about the arrangement. It starts down below and then it grows from there. Wait until it drops around 2.20 minutes. Expect full powerful rave chords and a storming open hihat when it drops finally. Then it goes down and up again. In the end I played some beep sounds on top using the KORG R3 synth. BNT stands for „Bridge ‘N Tunnel“.       Copa Systems featuring Iron Curtis Iron is a good friend of mine and we always wanted to work on some tracks together. Finally we sat together and made some music. Our original thoughts were about weird and sweet pop music with a guitar and stuff. But we ended up doing some sort of breakbeat twist using the MFB 522 drum machine (really nice 808 clone) plus the Acidlab Bassline 3 machine for the bass sounds (really nice 303 clone). Some chords on top and there it is. We jammed for quite some time and did a short edit later on. Since we started with a guitar that sounded a little balearic even, the title of the track went from „Copacabana“ into a more techy direction....  called „Copa Systems“. I must say, sorry my dear acoustic guitar - you didn’t made it to „Hotel Novalis“ . Next time.  

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