Studiotalk with Perc

Studiotalk with Perc
Perc is a key figure in the global techno scene and has established a fruitful relationship with scene-leading labels such as Drumcode, Ovum, Kompakt and CLR. Also unleashing productions on his own Perc Trax his 2010 releases including "BCG" [Perc Trax] and "Monad V" [Stroboscopic Artefacts] have put him on top of the game. 2011 will see the release of Perc's debut album.
We are glad to give you some insight on Ali's work by the man himself:
Perc "Purple" [CLR] This track is a fusion of all my influences. When I listen back to the track now I can hear a mix of early UK drums & bass and vintage techno. The kick rhythms look back to classic Tresor tracks whilst the heavy snare on the 3rd beat is a nod to dubstep. One other thing I like in this track is that the two cowbell parts and the 909 hihats all have irregular loop lengths so each pattern moves in relation to the other percussion parts, whilst the kick drum rhythm locks everything together. Perc "Tension" [Stroboscopic Artefacts] The idea of the Monad series on Stroboscopic Artefacts is to show every side of a producers sound and my Monad V EP needed a straight-up dance floor track to go with the more experimental sounds of 'Stoq' and 'Bozo'. The kick and bassline for this track are actually one sound, which is a long kick drum sound from my Jomox Mbase 11. An LFO modulating the drum sound brings up the pitch on the upbeat to create the central groove. After that I just added the main stabs and a few other percussion parts and arranged it. The track captures a feeling that I had been chasing for a long time and set the foundations for 'Purple' and 'Antifunk' on CLR. Perc "BCG" [Perc Trax] This is a track that set out exactly how I wanted my sound to progress in 2010. I wanted driving rhythms that never got too relentless plus quick cut-up breaks that remained the track's momentum. For once the track came out almost exactly how I imagined it would and when that snare kicks in it always provides a lift to my dj and live sets. After the release of this track and one of Sawf's EPs a UK website started to call the Perc Trax sound 'Antifunk', which led to the title of my recent CLR EP.

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