Studiotalk with Rene Breitbarth

Studiotalk with Rene Breitbarth
This Cologne based guy has already more than twenty releases under his belt. In the early 90's he got in touch with electronic music at the Spaceclub and the Warehouse. Beside djing he started his first release 1998 on Treibstoff where he shows lots of releases. That was the beginning of a long and sucessful career, continuing with releases on Sub Static, Tongut, Spectral Sound and Dessous. In year 1998 Rene Breitbarth launched - inspired by the never ending Berlin sounds- his own label Deep Data focussing on Deep House vibes.
Main idea of the album was to get a wide spectrum of House Music styles together as I like quite much subgenres. Guess it´s really difficult to play all of these in one DJ set but to me each track is special. The album is a personal view of the underground dance music from the last 20 years. My Disco: As we all know House comes from Disco and as I was listening to my 70s collection I found this track with this shortly used part (though totally different bar-wise, you wouldn´t recognize it) It was looped pretty strong by itself so I started working around it. To me it´s somehow reflecting the french "Filter House" period in the 90s, transferred to something new though. My Trance: I produced this Track 1 or 2 years ago but just now it made sense to release it with this album concept. It  mirrors my memories of Trance House from the mid 90s. I actually loved Trance back then. Ever since I retained a postive relation to this term although nowadays people refer to another kind of music. Ciccone: This is one of many tracks that features some 80s flavour. Actually the album contains as well other similar tracks. Maybe you can figure it out by some samples, but I tried to create something new out of it. At least the inspirations were transfered to a completely other music genre: House Music.

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