Superdefekt’s Roundup of the last weeks entries in Dubstep, Halfstep, Nustep & UK Garage: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n'bass, dubstep or Bass Music. 1. ANDY STOTT - Passed Me By - Love069 –  Modern Love - release date: 23.05.2011 Andy Stott taking it down deep and dark. These six tracks are definitely not for the faint hearted, turning down the speed to the minimum and painting the aural picture with disturbing colors taken from bad dreams. If David Lynch, Eraserhead era, would make techno music, it would probably sound like that. These dark sea deep subs, slowed down pagan preaches and morbid metal murmurs will haunt you for a long time. It‘s the ritualistic music of restless natives born in an industrial jungle made of rusty metal and psychedelic concrete plants. Big tip for the darkness lovers. 2. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Deep Teknologi: The Remixes – DTR007 – Deep Teknologi - release date: 23.05.2011 This, my dear friends, is an absolute killer in the form of an eight track remix package destined to burn every dancefloor in sight. Outstanding track must be J.Bevin‘s remix of T.William‘s Chop & Screw, a dry and brutal monster tune working on the border of techno and breakbeat, but the remaining seven tracks are no letdown in every way either. Listen to DVA‘S Hi:Emotions remix of In The Deep, twisting and turning the uk funky formula with the analogue squelch of vintage techno alchemy, germany‘s JTRP driving the ritualistic swing drill deep into the technological jungle or Bok Bok, reviving ancient raw chicagoesque house formulas while dancing around a metallic burning campfire in the cyber glowing acid rain forest and you know what you get here - a hypnotic witches brew of delicious modern dancefloor flavors. Big Tip! 3. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Hessle Audio: 116 & Rising – HESDD1/2 - Hessle Audio - release date: 23.05.2011 Another outstanding label compilation, this time from the infamous Hessle Audio Crew, and - as expected - every track is a winner here. It is fascinating to see how each and every artist on the label has developed his own unique style. Starting with Elgato‘s hypnotical, nearly downbeat aural journey Music (Body Mix) through Untold‘s twisted breakbeat techno house on Cool Story Bro or Blawan‘s ruralistic dance music for cyber natives to Joe‘s as weird as wicked jazz excursion, Addison Grooves take on the chicago footwork formula or Cosmin TRG‘s warped detroit techno experiments and you can clearly see that these artists don‘t care about genre borders but instead are ready to take dance music to the next next level. Special mention deserves Pangaea for his massive of a track, Runout, interbreeding Jeff Mills style techno with speed garage. As awesome as it can get. 4. KID KUT - Get Sum EP - WRND010 – Well Rounded - release date: 23.05.2011 Starting off with your usual high energy funky rhythm pattern, Kid Kut soon breaks the cliche with oldskool rave piano styles and a warm jumping analogue bass drop on Get Sum. Brilliant. His Fidget Mix of Lovin‘U on the flip warps more into speed garage realms with energizing hi hat patterns and helium filled garage vocals, cutting it through with a deep saw bass. Excellent work.

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