Selection of week 37 with new additions by Trevino, Les Sins, TRG, Clouds and more. About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n'bass, dubstep or Bass Music. 1. TBD079 - Plastician - Start Select Reset EP - Trouble & Bass Recordings - 18-09-2012 Grimey halfstep rave tracks, infected by a healthy dose of oldschool techno breaks from the early 90s. Plastician definitely knows his tech. Party music for the rufidge krew. 2. NL001 - TRG - Generation - Naked Lunch - 17-09-2012
Oldie but goldie. Re-release of three TRG tracks (nowadays better known as Cosmin TRG) from that era when he was still doing proper 2step infused dubstep tunes instead of forward marching four to the floor techno. Classics.
A nice and tender Geiom mix for the lovers of advanced 2steppy rhythms. Islan is diving even deeper into the chilled waters of soothing electronica influenced halfstep. Nice, both of them.
Massive release by Trevino on Appleblim‘s label. Indulge is an epic electro track, class A dancefloor material, if you ask me. Under Surveillance is advanced dubstep of the dark and mysterious kind. Big EP, no less.
Proper dubstep this is, with distorted warbling basses, reggae infused chords and pleasant one finger melodies. One for the purist crowd.
More futuristic sounds from the Auxiliary stable. Chilled tracks somewhere in between ambient, electronica and halfstepped drum‘n‘bass. Beautiful music for the robot lounge.
Advanced future garage tracks. Heavy on the 808 and injected with rave stabs, miami bass reminiscences and a fair share of juke aesthetics. For the fans of Night Slugs and the likes.
Bass heavy two tracker sounding like the bastard child of grime and uk funky. Especially the dark brooding groove of Fazed with its frequency cutting hi hat swing is worth a listen.
Chillwaver Toro Y Moi reinvents himself as Les Sins on Caribou‘s Jialong label. And for the good! Fetch is a grooving peak time track for the advanced bass house floor, one which would sound good in any set of Julio Bashmore or Joy Orbison. Winner. Taken is a bit more on the experimental side and takes its time to build up, ending in a beautiful next level deep house track of sorts. Big recommendation
.10. BOXCL014 - TMSV - Stress / Lost - Box Clever - 17-09-2012 Danceable dubstep of the grooving kind, filled with swinging percussion work, dangerously  wafting bass patterns and mysteriously floating synth pads. Dark and beautiful in its own way.
Whereas Fur‘s first EP on UNO NYC was like his take on deep house, this one takes another route. Think the ambientish piano dissections of Alva Noto or Jan Jelinek combined with deconstructed latin house beats through a filter of clicks and cuts. Very interesting stuff.
Once, a long time ago, Harmonimix was James Blake‘s moniker for deconstructed R‘n‘B tracks. He then teamed up with grime MC Trim to produce this duo of tracks, adding some processed rapping to his advanced beat trickery. And now, a long time after, these tracks see the light of release - finally, one might say. Big tunes.
 13. BW002 - Maddslinky - Compuphonic - Broadwalk Records LTD - 23-09-2012Big big tracks, destined for the peak time dancefloor. UK garage veteran Zed Bias just knows where it‘s at. Tracks sitting somewhere between house, bass and uk funky. Tracks which will make your feet move for sure. Tipped.
Two hard hitting bass anthems, heavy as marching Bantas. Conservative dubstep at it‘s finest. After a lot of more advanced releases on Tectonic finally one again for the purist crowd.

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