Superdefekt's Roundup of the last weeks entries in Dubstep, Techno, Halfstep, Nustep, UK Garage & House Collected Selection for the week 21 with new releases by Pearson Sound, George FitzGerald, Xamiga, & more. SCHOOL002D - Paleman - Half Out - School Records - 20-05-2013 Second offering by Loefah‘s new label School Records, and as one might expect this is big stuff. Half Out on the a-side is a nice minimal bass house tune, but the real thing can be found on the flipside. A darkly swinging sub bass roller called Etch, perfectly fitted for the most hypnotic moments on the dancefloor. PEARS24 - Pearson Sound - REM - Pearson Sound - 20-05-2013 Four hypnotic tools by the master that is Pearson Sound. Using not much more than a drum machine and some sparse effects he comes up with three exemplary pieces of machine music voodoo plus one beautiful minimal ambient track. Recommended, as always. HF040D - George FitzGerald - Thinking Of You - Hotflush Recordings - 20-05-2013 Thinking Of You already made the rounds for some months as one sided promo - and for a reason. The second track of this EP, Nighttide Lover, is every bit as good. Actually, it even outshines the title track. Perfect 21st century garage house. Especially the Trikk Re-Dub is a burner. DRUT003 - Kelpe - Beaks Of Eagles - DRUT - 20-05-2013 Beautifully wonked out downbeat music, like psychedelic folk for robots. Blissful. PPRO18D - Photek - Two - Photek Productions - 06-05-2013 Leaving Photek‘s dark dubstep/drum‘n‘bass hybrid aside it, again, is mostly about the remixes here. Both Copy Paste Soul as well as Mr. Beatnick approach the original material from a housey side, the first with summerly vibes, the latter with a gloomy latenight atmosphere. Beauties. IMSL7 - Zack Christ - Fucking at Disneyland - Infinite Machine - 20-05-2013 Beautiful and far out, getting a plus ten on the weirdo-meter. Definitely not for the faint hearted, this is some sort of very advanced electro boogie for dysfunctional robots composed on kernel panicking computers. Uneasy listening, as demanding as it is surprising. 50WEAPONS027 - Phon.o - Schn33 / Go - 50 Weapons - 17-05-2013 Two epic big room tools, riding the small edge between bass music and dubbed out techno. Very Berlin. MAN001D - Sui Generis - Sui Generis EP - Mansion Music - 27-05-2013 Two times pumping bass techno on this EP, going for a rough warehouse approach. But the outstanding track has to be the more light hearted Madame El Zel, an airy summer house track defined by its clever vocal sample loop. Recommended for this track alone. MDIV08 - Xamiga - Oceania - M Division Recordings - 21-05-2013 Second release by this collaboration of Legowelt and Xosar, a match made in heaven, one might think after listening to this EP. The title track is an epic journey through the bubbly waves of aquatic techno, but it only gets better afterwards. Xosheeba engages you in a hypnotic twirl of sounds and Atlantis Force Code, finally, is a fast paced peak time tune breathing detroitish atmospheres through and through. Highly recommended. BW005B - Kowton vs. Julio Bashmore - Mirror Song EP - Broadwalk Records LTD - 26-05-2013 Another collaboration that had to be done. Kowton lends his rough relief like beat maker skills to Bashmore‘s grooviness, manifested in the beautifully swinging vocal sample and we are left with a house anthem of purest machine music beauty. Big tip. (Written and contributed by Superdefekt) About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n’bass, dubstep or Bass Musik.

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