Superdefekt’s Roundup of the last weeks entries in Dubstep, Techno, Halfstep, Nustep, UK Garage & House Selection for the week 24 with new releases by Dense & Pika, Ital, Siriusmo, & more. 2NDRP12024 - Lakosa & Rick Grant - Core / Tambourine - 2nd Drop Records - 17-06-2013 Better known for soothing future garage grooves, respectively swinging bass heavy UK Funky, Lakosa and Rick Grant take a different route with this collaboration. Quite minimal, atmospheric tech house, that is. Not for the better, unfortunately, as the outcome is a little bit generic and dull. HFT029 - Dense & Pika - Move Your Body Back EP - Hotflush Recordings - 17-06-2013 Second offering by Dense & Pika on Scuba‘s Hotflush label - once one of the originating dubsteb imprints, now more known for their mostly excellent house and techno releases. And this three track EP is exactly that: techno, as techno can be, and rather excellent. First class hypnotic, trance inducing Berghain mainfloor material. UTTU_SINDEN - !Sinden - Bad Boy EP - Unknown To The Unknown - 17-06-2013 A typical Unknown To The Unknown release, somewhere between garage, bassline and house, and a little bit on the chavvy side - no pun intended. These tracks have just one objective: making you dance. And they definitely succeed. 18 - Ital - Workshop 18 - Workshop - 14-06-2013 Ital on Workshop? Match made in heaven. Exactly the right place for those leftfield weirdo house mutations of the American. And, no holds barred, he goes for it with these three rather druggy beat excursions. If Velvet Underground would have made house music, it may have sounded like this. KING019 - Metome - Phreatic Surface - King Deluxe - 03-06-2013 A rather versatile EP. Allegory Of The Cave, a beautiful laid back track halfway between wonky hip hop and glitched electronica serves as an introduction. Next on is tightly swinging neo garage, followed by funky scifi boogie, funked up by its cleverly processed effects, some ambient and, lastly, post dubstep in the style of James Blake. Versatile and very good. K7309EP3 - Will Saul pres. Close feat. Joe - Dukie - !K7 Records - 10-06-2013 The original track, a downbeat soul house affair, is nice but pales in comparison to the remixes by both Dusky and Midland, transforming the source material into super groovy peak time bass house tracks. It‘s hard to pick a favorite here, Dusky‘s funkiness or Midland‘s epicness, both bangers in their own right. Excellent. FRLP002 - Vita - (Infinity) - Frustrated Funk - 17-06-2013 Solo project by Victoria Lukas, one half of the mystic duo Zerkalo - the other half being Heinrich Muller aka Gerald McDonald of Drexcyia fame. But this is her alone and it is a rather ambientish affair, chilly and atmospheric, with slight traces of new wave and electro and even jazz. Icy cold but rather beautiful indeed. MTR033 - Siriusmo - Enthusiast - Monkeytown Records - 14-06-2013 Siriusmo opens his big box of surprises and out jumps a versatile bouquet of exciting musical miniatures. Music without blinkers, changing in no time from one genre to the other, be it hip hop, bass music, techno or electro, while never losing its sense of humor. L2S096 - Mokujin - Confessions EP - L2s Recordings - 10-06-2013 Once again 21st century uk garage with its feet rooted in the oldschool but the eyes targeted to the future. Swinging, groovy, atmospheric, the tracks switching from 2step to darker vibes and back again. Quality material. (Written and contributed by Superdefekt) About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n’bass, dubstep or Bass Musik.

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