Selection of week 37 with new additions by Epoxy, Recondite, Mark Pritchard, South London Ordnance, Randomer and more. About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n'bass, dubstep or Bass Music. 1. FUR13 - T.R.O. - Limbo Mambo Jambo - Furioso - 26-09-2012 Garagey breaks of the harder kind on side-a, incorporating a dark saw bass over hard hitting breaks. The b-side takes the four to the floor route, combined with a mildly wobbling bass for a sort of stadium garage experience. 2. STEP029 - Epoxy - Burning - Soulstep - 26-09-2012 Slow but soulful dubstep movements here, beats moving forward like an elephant on valium driven by deep deep sub bass waves. Purist without falling into the cliche trap. 3. LMW002 - Baauer - Dum Dum - LuckyMe - 25-09-2012 Futuristic dancehall patterns in a bass disguise on this one tracker. Lucky Me, a label always looking forward to - and this release is no exception. 4. STYRAXRECORDSGHOSTLIGHT - Ghostlight - Tomorrow‘s Child - Styrax Records - 25-09-2012 Beats and atmospheres clearly inspired by Burial here. As with Basic Channel Techno, Burial Dubstep might already be a genre in its own. And why not, if the music is as quality as here. 5. BH009 - Samo Sound Boy - 3.85€ Paradise EP - Body High - 25-09-2012 Rougher dancefloor smashers inspired by UK Funky as well as Chicago House or Miami Bass. Tracks aimed clearly at the peak time dancefloor. One for the Night Slugs crowd. 6. MEDI025D - Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub - Deep Medi Musik - 24-09-2012 Stone cold dubstep classic by Mr. Pritchard on Deep Medi. You can take the elephant seriously here, this is deeepest stuff. 7. MM056 - Tod Dockstader - Bellstomp/Pond Dance / Boingo - Mordant Music - 24-09-2012 Two remixes of Tod Dockstaeder‘s experimental material, two times as advanced as atmospheric noise ambient epicness. Fans of Mordant Music know what to expect - nothing on the light side of things, but interesting nonetheless. 8. CCB007 - Chaos In The CBD - Rolling 84‘s - ClekClekBoom Recordings - 24-09-2012 Pretty great EP by those New Zealand Boys. Swinging, 808 driven bass house music for the fans of Boddika or Joy Orbison. Recommended. 9. ACLBL005D - South London Ordnance - Big Boss Theme EP - Audio Culture Label - 24-09-2012 EP of the week, if you ask me. Five tracks of bass driven future house, incorporating elements of UK Garage, techno, dubstep, acid et al. These tracks will definitely stir up some heat on the dancefloors in the coming months. Big one. 10. ARTKL004D - Killawatt & Core - Black Mamba - Artikal Music UK - 24-09-2012 One for the purist crowd, but with quality. Slowly moving dubstep tracks of the darkest kind, sounding like opium dreams of deranged robots. Dark, evil and good. 11. MEDI060 Kromestar & Jay 5ive - Knowledge EP - Deep Medi Musik - 24-09-2012 Diverse EP of classic dubstep motives, ranging from the darkly brooding on Clearly Distorted and Mind Step to atmospheric laid back 2step patterns on Try Harder or ritualistic ambient step on Words. Solid. 12. DECA026 - Gatekeeper & Orphan 101 - Deep Space Objects - Deca Rhythm - Out: 24-09-2012 Four tracks between advanced techno artifacts and darkly 2stepping garage mutations, maintaining a dark and futuristic atmosphere from beginning to end. Quality stuff, no less. 13. MBK013 - Bad Mojo - Burn Slow - Meanbucket - 24-09-2012 UK Funky of the darkest kind. Music that sounds like it is made for a sort of Notting Hill Carnival on some distant alien planet. Party music for Cyborgs. 14. L2S086 - Bunzer0 - Wet Wool - L2s Recordings - 24-09-2012 Distorted basslines meet tricky 2step rhythm patterns and digitally shining synth pads in an alien techno discotheque on this release. Like future garage projected back from the future in nowadays minds. Pretty good. 15. HEK018 - Randomer - We Laugh, We Scream - Hemlock Recordings - 01-10-2012 One of the roughest Hemlock releases to date. It seems like Randomer is trying to mimic tthe Boys Noize party sound - not always succeeding, unfortunately. Nevertheless there is one song which is worth the cost of admission alone, Freak Dub, a track sounding like Dillinja (the drum&bass guy) trying to do deep house. Big track. 16. HFT025 - Recondite - DRGN/ Wist 365 - Hotflush Recordings - 01-10-2012 Two tracks of epic four to the floor techno lushness, DRGN aiming more for the peak time dancefloor with its trancy acid antics while Wist 365 is going down the electronica route of techno. Big release, for sure.

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