Selection of week 40 with new additions by Midland, Breach, Roska, Occult, Walrus, BvDub and more. About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n'bass, dubstep or Bass Music. 01. UNO016 - Kuhrye-oo - Give in (For the fame) remixes - UNO NYC - 16-10-2012 The original here is a blasting bass pop song transmitted from some alternate universe with some sparks of Kate Bush in the vocals. Big one. Boody & Le1f transform the source material into a darkly bubbling witch house rap affair whereas keyboard maestro D‘eon goes all for the breaks in a 90s rave fashion. Next comes DJ Sliink with a version which sounds like Burial doing chicago juke. Concluding the package Ryan Hemsworth goes all emotional in a piano sparkling coda which wraps it all up. Pretty big EP.   02. LM013 - Walrus - Billboard-EP - LuckyMe - 16-10-2012 Lazer sparkling instrumental hip hop cuts from the Lucky Me crowd. If you are into Hudson Mohawke or Rustie you‘re in for this. Classy stuff.   03. LB001 - Oscar Luweez - Metempsychosis EP - Luweez Beats - 15-10-2012 Four peak time bombs of UK funky infused 21st century house. Definitely no prisoners taken here. Especially the organ grinding groove of Tell Me is worth a listen if you want to shake your crowd big time. Do not expect any subtleties here.   04. IMR007 - Occult - Cauldron EP - Innamind Recordings - 15-10-2012 Deeply orientalized halfstep movers worshipping the sub with sparse and skeletal percussion grooves. Sitting somewhere between deeper medi stuff of the oldskool kind and some krypted minds. Dubstep for the blunted generation.   05. EGLO24 - Funkineven & Fatima - Phoneline - Eglo Records - 15-10-2012 Funked up future R‘n‘B with an 80s disco boogie edge from the brits. Pretty big in my book. It won‘t get more funky (or more sexy, regarding the 90‘s track) than this. Tipped.   06. STEP030 - Six & Reamz - 28 Hours - Soulstep - 15-10-2012 Dark and mysterious slow motion wobbling on 28 Hours. Music for lonesome back alleys. Minus on the flip is a bit more uplifting in a E2-E4 way. Balearic dubstep even.   07. DKY007D - Various Artists - Fluro Black feat. ARP101 & Elliot Yorke - donky pitch - 15-10-2012 Bass heavy sonic mutations reaching from the wobbling halfstep (in an advanced way, mind you) to the discotized boogieism. Plus oldskool electro hip hop, transformed through the stutter phone. If you can follow me. To sum it up: pretty forward headed stuff which is definitely worth the entrance fee.   08. WAHDIG26 - Part Time Heroes - Holy - Wah Wah 45s - 15-10-2012 Melancholic moods in a future garage way. The remixes by Alex Patchwork and Fybe:One add more drum machine punch but keep the vibe. At last the closing track featuring Colonel Red is a true next level soul gem. Lovely.   09. T12EP006 - Quantum Soul - Self Knowledge EP - Tribe 12 Music LTD. - 13-10-2012 Emphasizing the dub in dubstep. This is pretty smoked out stuff, sending the sub basses through hazy shades of delay and reverb. One for the ganja heads.   10. WOW001 - BvDub - Strangers no more - With Or Without You - 11-10-2012 Ambient dubstep with an edge. Stacking layers on layers of sonic nostalgia BvDub come up with a hefty wall of dubbed out sounds. Big room chillage.   11. DTR020 - ARtroniks - Decode EP - Dubtastic - 09-10-2012 Deeply punching SciFi-step for the Blade Runner crowd. One could call it cyberpunk techstep, dark and beautiful. Solid.   12. TEC065 - Roska - Blurry / Spearhead - Tectonic - 22-10-2012 Big one. Leaving the usual uk funky percussion overload aside Roska drops two deeply minimalist punching tracks. It‘s all about the hypnotic bass here. Dancefloor bombs, no less.   13. HF035 - Shelter Point - Forever For Now - Hotflush Recordings - 22-10-2012 An EP as emotional as it is beautiful. Wonderful melancholic moods woven through sonic layers of hazy sound of bass. Think James Blake in an early morning mood. A true gem.   14. DECA027 - Kamikaze Space Program - Explorer EP - Deca Rhythm - 22-10-2012 Another EP of tracks oscillating between the edges of techno and bass music. Dark and impulsive dancefloor tracks for the next tech noir club. Typical Deca Rhythm quality, as usual.   15. NKD002 - Breach & Midland - 101 / Somewhere - Naked Naked - 22-10-2012 101 on the a-side is a pretty hefty dancefloor track, regarding Breach and Midland‘s history, emphasizing the techno side of house. Somewhere on the flip is swimming in more common waters, a deeply grooving bass garage track for the early morning hours.

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