Superdefekt's Roundup of the last weeks entries in Dubstep, Techno, Halfstep, Nustep, UK Garage & House Selection for week 9/10 with new releases by Ejeca, Mala, Gatekeeper and more. 2NDRPFF001 - Various Artists - Future Foundations - 2nd Drop Records From the swinging game arcade tech of Alex Coulton‘s opener Grande Swing to the hyper nervous juke antics of Manni Dee & Deft‘s closing track, from the deeply relaxed house swing of Pedestrian‘s Sliding Down Rainbows to South London Ordnance‘s rather straight but deep offering, from LV & Dan Bowskills‘ delicately laid out bass reggae riddim to Djrum‘s bullet time drum‘n‘bass there is really nothing lacking here, making Future Foundations into a great little compilation, a worthy sonic business card for the 2nd Drop label. Excellent and worth many listenings. 7EVEN26 - Oceania - Coil Up EP - 7even Recordings Nighttime listening par excellence. Three tracks of most delicate beat and bass fragmentations, finally culminating in the broken techno atmosphere of the closing track, Strange People. But the most important part is Oceania‘s voice, singing on top of these subtle laid out rhythm artifacts, making them into songs rather than tunes. Quite beautiful. TOTTER030 - Kingthing - Gamechanger - Rag and Bone After several EPs dedicated to the so called future garage sound, Kingthing take a break with these two tunes, which go for a more straightforward dub techno route while in their sound aesthetics still being rooted in bass music. A gamechanger forsooth. UTTU_TODDIES - Various Artists - Say To You - Unknown To The Unknown Six tracks by the mighty DJ Q and friends, all set somewhere between oldskool 2step, garage a la Todd „The God“ Edwards and bassline house. Brilliant party music par excellence. Especially the title track, in all three incarnations which can be found here, is nothing short but a hit. WO002 - Ejeca - Night Rays EP - W&O Street Tracks More chord heavy and vocal centric peak time house tunes by Ejeca and Waze & Odyssey , who are on the remix duties for Ejeca‘s Riddim track. It‘s pretty hard to pick a favourite out of these two tunes, both are perfectly crafted Class A dancefloor material, no less. AUXCD005 - Various Artists - Auxcast Volume One - Auxiliary Chilled and mellow ten track label compilation showcasing the relaxed sound the Auxiliary label is known for. Wallowing in atmosphere heavy synth chords while sparsely laid out slow motion drum‘n‘bass beats and bass stabs underneath provide the basement this is perfect listening music for a gentle night. DECA030 - Firejosé - Measurements EP - Deca Rhythm Taking a break from Deca Rhythm‘s common bass techno flavors Firejosé‘s EP takes its inspiration more from classic uk garage and 2step tunes, thus providing a welcome surprise. Top notch. DRUNK030 - Zhou - Locust Tree - Punch Drunk Records Locust Tree is a deep and slow next level dubstep tune, creeping into your ears like dark aural snake. And the dub on the flipside tidies the whole thing even more from unnecessaries, leaving nothing but a deeply vibrating sound skeleton. NONPLUSLP004i - Various Artists - Think And Change - Nonplus Records Documenting Boddika‘s Nonplus Records‘ further venture into the techno realm this compilation, consisting of 13 tracks destined to be future classics, is nothing short of fabulous. Take for example the delicate mystery you can here in Lowtec‘s The Rhythm (Remix2) or Four Tet‘s swinging avantgarde techno tune For These Times. Then listen to Pearson Sounds‘ beat skeleton Quiver, putting as much swing as possible in between the beats. Or Endians‘ peak time Detroit track Straight Intention. Or Martyn‘s dreamy Bad Chicago tune. The list goes on and on and can only be summed up with the quite cliche but in this case mighty true saying: All killers, no fillers. BWOOD093DD - Mala - Noches Sueños - Brownswood Recordings Mala‘s Noches Sueños, the closing track of his Mala In Cuba album, is getting the remix treatment by Maddslinky aka oldskool garage don Zed Bias, transforming the downbeat tune into a swinging garage house affair made for the early morning hours on the dancefloor. TEAL008 - Bakradze - Where Time Forgot - Teal Recordings Three latenight dancefloor tracks ranging from post dubstep aesthetics in the opener to dark and moody techno licks opening up to a finale of warmest analogue pad heaven on Jungle Of Mystery to most abstract electro ambient on the closing track Every Possibility. Pretty good. SUBDDIGI048 - Gatekeeper - Do U Know Juno - Subdepth Records Combining deep rolling rhythms with a bass gnarling up from way beneath and some sound aesthetics reminiscent of oldskool electro Gatekeeper comes up with something like a secret dancefloor weapon. On the b-side he slows it down for a deeply swinging halfstep tune shrouded in mysterious atmospheres which is equally great. First class bass music, no less. DECA029 - Orphan101 - The Curse Of A Vivid Mind - Deca Rhythm First it seems as if Orphan101 would tame it down a little for his longplayer, starting with two rather atmospheric listening tunes. But for most of the rest of these tracks it is a full on dancefloor approach he takes, combining bass music with techno sound aesthetics in the ways he is known for. For those who like it. MEANT015 - Spooky - Coolie Joyride - Meant Records Nifty instrumental grime tunes taking clues from digital dancehall as well as game arcade sounds. Pretty nice. OSMUK026 - Killawatt - Press On / Tantra - Osiris Music UK Dark and mean halfstep rollers rinsin‘ it out in fierce distorted bass sounds and sparse but swinging urban jungle rhythms. One for the more puristic dubstep crowd. PCRD003 - Various Artists - Last Days Of Rome - Paradise Club Recordings Pretty satisfying mini compilation. Jabru‘s tune, available in vocal- and instrumental-version (whereas i would vote for the latter) is a swinging bass music affair, Blackmsif provide a first quality future house tune wallowing in warm and beautiful synth pad atmospheres - and the same can be said of Juno Sutton & MTD‘s mesmerizing closing track. First class quality from beginning to end and because of that: deeply recommended. (Written and contributed by Superdefekt) About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n’bass, dubstep or Bass Music.

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