Vakula – Saturday

Vakula – Saturday
Vakula seems to become an icon. Having remixed Steve Reich and released more than ten EPS on labels like Uzuri, Quintessentials, Archipel and Unthank the Ukrainian producer now lands on 3rdStrike Records with a jazzy, warm EP that has already been released physically in February. The great opener "Touch" begins calmly and with a classy piano cadence. The bass morphes into a vivid curl, a cushion of strings softens the whole melodies. With every new string swing you heart gets quickened. In the second tight track "Gospel Keyboards" the arranged liveband lets the fingers fly above the piano, highlighted again by those mellowed piano cadences. Well arranged chords enraptures the soul here, slowly building up, moving more and more until they end up in agitated piano runs, accompanied by house percussions. "Crossing" is characterized through its repetitive rhythmic piano soundscape, turning higher and higher, until it suddenly commute into a cute and delightful melody that again turns into a virtuos jazzy piano run and end up in a dreamy highpitched rhythmic piano. My favourite track here. Last track "Saturday" gives a calm finale with classic housebeat. Probably one of his best releases, highly recommended.

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