Hendrik's Record Of The Day: WBEEZA 'Void' [Third Ear Recordings] Whatpeopleplay Staff Recommendation WBEEZA 'Void' [Third Ear Recordings] WBeeza’s first album includes 17 tracks between Hip Hop, Electronica and Deep House produced in the way of  pop songs, short but straight to the point. It follows the traces of Landcluster's recently re discovered IDM masterpiece "Container" on deFocus or Shed’s recent Dubstep masterpiece “The Traveller”. So now the soul inspired variation. The house highlights are for example “Tru My Veins”, with its congas, which are reminiscent of  Transmat ones morphed into 21st century crossed with the early Faya Combo groove,  beside the raw “Day by Day”,  “Southern Girl”, “Hang on” and the beautiful “Variations”. (Hendrik)

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